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Jan Slakov

Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 11:48:52 -0500
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From: "Mike Nickerson, Inviting Debate" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: A Song for the WTO.

        This song was sung in Ottawa in solidarity with the people
gathering in seatle to protest the WTO gathering there.  It may be of use
to enliven the efforts ahead.
        If someone can get this to the folks in Seattle, we'd be pleased.


        "the Bottom Line makes us Strong"
        (Multi-Nationals of the World Unite)

To the tune of "John Brown's Body" & hoping that Ralph Chaplin of the
I.W.W., who wrote the authentic and famous "Solidarity Forever" Union poem
in 1915, would understand and approve.  Written November 28th and first
sung November 30, 1999 on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada in response to
the World Trade Organization "Summit" held in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.,
Nov.. 30, 1999

If "solidarity" can be sung for the cause of the PEOPLE as "the bottom
line", please feel free:
                        Michael Cass-Beggs  (819) 770-2431  or •••@••.•••


I am the very model of a WTO. freak
I have fangs and I am evil, I eat babies every week!
In Seattle they're protesting, but no matter what they seek,
My bottom line makes me strong.


           Money, money, lovely money
           No need for conscience when you've money,
           How I love it, all the money,
           For the bottom line makes us strong.

Protesters say "Your plans are bad", We say "Go take a walk"
We'll have thirty new countries in our hands, before you've gone a block,
And then each of them will learn to speak the language that we talk,
"It's the bottom line makes us strong!"


Do not talk to us of culture or of reasons to be free,
Do not talk to us of poverty from sea, to sea, to sea,
For the only thing of any import is the G.D.P.
So the Banks will all agree we're strong


When your profit is the only motive, everything is clear,
You don't NEED to think at all about what others hold so dear,
Blessed are the poor, likewise the meek, and all who live in fear,
For they're gonna make the bottom line strong.


Yes the WTO "Has the force" 'cause we just think of trade,
We invent the rules and use them to make governments afraid,
And payola can be helpful, when in churches we have prayed,
For they help to keep the bottom line strong.


When "piece-work" jobs are done by slaves, it really is a boon,
Do not talk to us of Unions, "equal pay" ? - it makes me swoon,
Stuff the union! Hell, you see, we've even snitched your bloody tune'
It will make our "Bottom Line" song strong!


"Free World Trade"' the way we plan it, is exactly what we need,
It will give us World Dominion, our great appetite to feed, -
Democracy is for the birds, it can't compete with greed,
Our "God" is marching on.


        GLORious money, lovely money,
        No need for conscience when you've money,
        How we love it, all the money,
        Our bottom line makes us strong!

Listen!, All you folks who are out there, and really know, to care,
there are other things than "bottom lines" that we were meant to share,
Now it the time to fight for what is right and for what is fair,
Let COMMUNION make us strong.

End chorus:

        Solidarity forever,
        Solidarity forever,
        Our "bottom line" is people, let us sing and show we care,
        Let Canada be strong!
                [(Others put in your country, or 'life forces')]
        Let communion make us strong!




"The twentieth century has been characterized by three developments of
great political importance: the growth of democracy; the growth of
corporate power; and the growth of propaganda as a means of protecting
corporate power against democracy."

                                        Alex Carey


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