rn: Activist web sites


Jan Slakov

Greetings Renaissance Network,

John DiStefano is practically a neighbour here in Nova Scotia, although he
comes from New York City. He's a veteran activist as well as a veteran of
the Korean war and was one of the many people who represented the rest of us
in Seattle last fall. He sent me a list of useful web sites which I am glad
to pass on to you. 

Just let's not forget our own cyberjournal site: http://cyberjournal.org

BTW, John is planning to travel from Nova Scotia to Washington for the IMF
protest effort in about a month's time. If anyone is interested in
travelling with him, please let him know.

all the best, Jan
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 22:55:52 -0400
From: John Di Stefano <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Some Activist Web Sites

I'm enclosing a selective list of 50 activist web sites I find most useful, not
necessarily on a daily basis.  If I had to choose only one out of the list it
would be ZNet, since it is very broad and diversified in its coverage and
offerings, non-sectarian but radical,  and speaks to the entire community
concerned about social change.  I support it financially but most of its approx.
30,00 viewers/day  pay nothing.   That's because only the ZNet Daily
Commentaries and Forum are on a subscription basis. They are basically a
fund-raiser to support the entire ZNet operation..

You can put this list out on the Web if you like, and anyone receiving it is
free to contact me about errors or appropriate additions if they wish. Hope
you find it useful if you're not already familiar with some of the sites.

1.  ZNet--www.zmag.org/ZNETTOProanimation.html
2.  Tao and DAMN--www.tao.ca and http://damn.tao.ca
3.  The Transnational Foundation (TFF)----www.transnational.org/sitemap.html
4.  Science for Peace--www.math.yorku/physics/sfp
5.  The Preamble Center--www.preamble.org
6.  One World--www.oneworld.net
7.  Common Dreams News Center--www.commondreams.org
8.  BAD--www.rootmedia.org/~bad/
9.  Jay's Lefitist Directory--www.neravt.com/left/
10. FAIR--www.fair.org
11 .Center for Media & Democracy--www.prwatch.org
12  The Media Channel--www.mediachannel.org
13  FreeSpeech Internet TV--www.freespeech.org
14. Pacifica Radio--www.pacifica.org
15. People for Fair Trade--www.peopleforfairtrade.org
16. Public Citizen--www.citizen.org
17. PGA--www.agp.org/agp/en/index.html
18 Global Policy Forum--www.globalpolicy.org/indx1.htm
19.Global Exchange--www.globalexchange.org
20. Research Foundation for S,T&E--www.indiaserver.com/betas/vshiva
21. WILPF--www.wilpf.org
22. Indymedia--www.indymedia.org
23. Direct Action Network--www.agitprop.org/artandrevolution
24. The NonViolence Web--www.nonviolence.org
25. AlterNet--www.alternet.org
26. Color Lines--www.colorlines.com
27. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives--www.policyalternatives.ca
28. International  Forum on Globalization--www.ifg.org
29. International Action Center--www.iacenter.org
30. April 16:Wash., DC--www.a16.org
31. 50 Years is Enough--www.50years.org
32. Corporate Predators--www.corporatepredators.org
33. Corporate Watch--www.corpwatch.org
34. Culture Watch--www.igc.org/culturewatch/
35. CUPW--www.cupw-sttp.org/Pages/latest.html
36. Facts fron the Fringe (CAW)--www.caw.ca/fringe/index.html
37. IWW--http://iww.org
38. Worker's World--www.workers.org
39. Food Not Bombs--http://home.earthlink.net/~foodnotbombs
40. ERF's Rachel's Weekly--www.rachel.org/bulletin/index.cfm?St=1
41. Organic Consumer's Association--www.purefood.org
42. Genetic Engineering--www.natural-law/genetic/geindex.html
42. Committee Against US Intervention--www.antiwar.com
43. Canadian Peace Alliance--http://acp-cpa.ca
44. Peace Works--www.peaceworks.org
45. Project Ploughshares--www.ploughshares.ca
46. Refuse & Resist--www.walrus.com/~resist/altindex.html
47. IGC PeaceNet--www.igc.org/igc/peacenet/index.html
48. Vegan Outreach---http://vegsource.com/vo/
49. Voluntary Simplicity--www.mbay.net/~pierce/index.htm
50. The Simple Living Network--www.simplicitycircles.com

NB: Stratfor--www.stratfor.com-- is a for-profit pro-corporate intelligence
network run by former CIA officials but it has some    interesting perspectives
from the other side.  Worth a look.