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Jan Slakov

Dear RN,

One of the things Richard and I have discussed before is the usefulness of
writing letters to lobby for things.

At times one gets the feeling that all our pleas (to not spend on the latest
stupid military scheme or to spare this or that prisoner or whatever) amount
to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. (The posting below is an
invitation to scientists to join in just such "plea" type work)

However, when it comes to trying to get the Titanic to head back home and
get properly outfitted for a cross-Atlantic voyage, when it comes to
Revolution, we can all see how important it is to have the "passengers"
fully convinced of the usefulness of our ideas. 

I guess it is not just a matter of "convincing" people. It is, as Richard
has so clearly argued before, a matter of building democracy, of seeing
democracy as much more than voting every so many years.

And I think part of what democracy is, is making our "pleas". Each time we
alert our fellow travellers to some problem or the other, each time we ask
them to stand with us in solidarity, etc. we are helping to educate them,
and ourselves, hopefully, to make the changes that are needed.... 

I think Gandhi once said that we must be the change we seek for the world. A
beautiful, and really very challenging idea!

all the best, Jan
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Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 10:15:31 -0500
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Subject: Scientists and Missile Defense:  A New E-Mail Network

Dear colleague:

We are pleased to announce a new e-mail network especially
for scientists who want to make a difference on nuclear
arms control issues.  Sponsored by the Union of Concerned
Scientists, this network, called ArmsNet, has a specific
and immediate goal--to actively engage the American
scientific community in the policy debate on National
Missile Defense (NMD).

Since its birth in 1969, UCS has been engaged in the
missile defense issue.  During the 1980s UCS played a key
role in the 'Star Wars' debate.  Today we are the most
prominent science organization working on NMD--to find out
more about us, please visit our website at

President Clinton is expected to decide this summer whether
the United States should begin deploying an NMD system
intended to protect all 50 states from a limited attack by
long-range ballistic missiles.

The proposed system would require substantial revisions to
the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty and thereby
threatens to derail US-Russian nuclear arms reductions and
increase tensions with China and NATO.  And because the
system is still in early development--with only 3 intercept
tests to be held before the summer--there will be no
technical basis to make a sound decision by then.

An important issue for scientists to evaluate is whether
the NMD system can be expected to work against an adversary
who surely would take steps to defeat it.  UCS and the
Security Studies Program at MIT have assembled a group of
physicists to study this issue, chaired by Andrew Sessler,
past president of the American Physical Society.  (We are
both participants in the study.)  UCS and MIT are about to
release a detailed technical report that shows that the
planned NMD system could be defeated by one of several
technically-straightforward "countermeasures" that would be
available to any state able to deploy long-range missiles.
Thus the planned system would not be effective against even
a limited attack by long-range ballistic missiles.

As a scientist, you can play an important role in policy
issues that have a technical component.  A recent survey of
congressional staffers shows that Senators and
Representatives across the political spectrum are
interested in hearing from their constituent scientists on
such issues.  The Senate's rejection of the Comprehensive
Test Ban Treaty demonstrates what can happen when Congress
does not have relevant factual information on nuclear arms
issues.  It is essential that the scientific community get
more involved in the NMD debate now to prevent another
serious setback.

ArmsNet is designed to facilitate your engagement.
We will provide you with e-mail updates, a copy of the
upcoming report, background information, action alerts and
information on whom to contact, and the opportunity to come
to Washington DC in June for briefings and to meet with your
congressional representatives.

We need your help.  Support is growing for President
Clinton to postpone the deployment decision until the next
administration; a greater appreciation in Congress and the
media for the technical limitations of this system could
make all the difference.  If you find the UCS/MIT report
persuasive, we would ask you to help us get the word out--
to send the report with a cover letter to your local media
and congressional delegation and to follow up from time to
time.  And we are looking for volunteers to come to
Washington DC June 10-12 to brief your elected

If you are a professional scientist or graduate student and
would like to join other scientists and engage in the NMD
debate in an effective, efficient and timely way, please
join UCS's ArmsNet today.  Simply fill out the enrollment form
below and return it by replying to this e-mail. (Please note
that this is not our personal address, but will be sent directly
to UCS in Washington).


Kurt Gottfried
Professor of Physics Emeritus, Cornell University;
Chairman of the Board, UCS

Richard L. Garwin
Senior Fellow for Science and Technology, Council on
Foreign Relations; IBM Fellow Emeritus; consultant to
Sandia National Laboratory and to Los Alamos National
Laboratory; Member of the Board, UCS
Papers of current interest at http://www.fas.org/rlg

P.S.  Please help spread the word about ArmsNet by sharing
this letter and enrollment form with your colleagues.  If
you are not a scientist, please contact John Spykerman at UCS
(•••@••.•••) for other ways to get involved.
We apologize for multiple postings.

ArmsNet Enrollment Form

Note:  If you have difficulty returning this form via e-
mail, please print it out and fax it to UCS at (202) 332-
0905 or mail it to UCS-ArmsNet, 1616 P St NW, Suite 310,
Washington DC, 20036.

The following information will help us provide better
services to you and will give a better profile of ArmsNet
members.  All information is private and confidential and
will not be distributed outside UCS without your permission.

Biographical Information==========================

First Name [___________________________________]
Middle Initial [_____]
Last Name  [___________________________________]

Home Address=================================

Address    [___________________________________]


City       [_____________________]
State      [_____]
Zip        [_____________________]
Country    [_____________________]
Phone      [_____________________]
Fax        [_____________________]
E-mail     [_____________________]

Work Address=================================

Address    [___________________________________]


City       [_____________________]
State      [_____]
Zip        [_____________________]
Country    [_____________________]
Phone      [_____________________]
Fax        [_____________________]
E-mail     [_____________________]

Your WEB page, if any   [___________________________________]

Contact Preferences=====================================

For each type of address, where would you prefer to be
contacted? (Place an X in either home or work for each type)

        Home                   Work
Mail   [     ]                [     ]
Phone  [     ]                [     ]
Fax    [     ]                [     ]
E-mail [     ]                [     ]

Professional Information===========================

Profession (Place X next to category that best fits you)

==Physical Science/Science Technician==
Astronomy                   [   ]
Astrophysics                [   ]
Atmospheric Science         [   ]
Chemistry                   [   ]
Geology                     [   ]
Geophysicist                [   ]
Meteorology                 [   ]
Physical Geography          [   ]
Physics                     [   ]
Physical Science Technician [   ]

==Life Science Scientist/Science Technician==
Agricultural Science/Agronomy   [   ]
Biology                         [   ]
Conservation Biology            [   ]
Evolutionary Biology            [   ]
Marine Biology                  [   ]
Molecular Biology               [   ]
Biochemistry                    [   ]
Ecology                         [   ]
Environmental Science           [   ]
Forest Science                  [   ]
Limnology                       [   ]
Oceanography                    [   ]
Plant Science/Botany            [   ]
Toxicology                      [   ]
Zoology                         [   ]
Life Science Technician         [   ]

==Computer/Mathematical/Operations Research==
Computer Science            [   ]
Statistician                [   ]
Mathematician               [   ]

==Engineer/Engineering Technician==
Aerospace Engineer      [   ]
Chemical Engineer       [   ]
Civil Engineer          [   ]
Electrical Engineer     [   ]
Industrial Engineer     [   ]
Mechanical Engineer     [   ]
Metallurgical, Ceramic,
Materials Engineer      [   ]
Mining Engineer         [   ]
Nuclear Engineer        [   ]
Petroleum Engineer      [   ]

College & University Faculty    [   ]
Primary & Secondary School      [   ]

Architect/Surveyor      [   ]
Clergy              [   ]
Communications Profession   [   ]
Elected Official            [   ]
Government Executive/Manager    [   ]
Health Care Provider        [   ]
Health Technician           [   ]
Lawyer/Judge/Paralegal      [   ]
Marketing & Sales           [   ]
Military                [   ]
Physician               [   ]
Social Scientist            [   ]
Social Worker           [   ]
Student             [   ]
Visual & Performing Arts    [   ]
Other   [________________________]

Professional Specialization

Work Sector (Place X in one sector only)
Academic   [     ]
Government [     ]
Nonprofit  [     ]
Private    [     ]

Current Job Title  [_____________________________________]

What year did you begin your professional work in this
field? [19      ]

Are you retired?
Yes    [    ]
No     [    ]

Awards earned

Arms Control Information=================================

Arms Control Interests (Place X in all that apply)
Missile Defense                     [    ]
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty       [    ]
Fissile Material Protection         [    ]
Non-Proliferation                   [    ]
Nuclear Reductions                  [    ]

General level of expertise in arms control issues
High       [    ]
Medium     [    ]
Low        [    ]

Are you a registered voter?
Yes    [   ]
No     [   ]

Have you contacted your congressional representatives
(state or national) about issues that concern you in the
Yes    [    ]
No     [    ]

Have you contacted your local news media about issues that
concern you in the past?
Yes    [    ]
No     [    ]

What are your main local and regional newspapers?

Are you interested in coming to Washington DC from
June 10-12, 2000 to receive briefings, media training,
and to meet with your congressional delegation?
Yes         [   ]
No          [   ]
Maybe       [   ]

Any additional information/comments you would like to share
with us

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