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Jan Slakov

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 22:41:40 -0800
From: Randy Schutt <•••@••.•••>
Subject: National Radio Project on Nigerian Women's Resistance

If you have not heard Making Contact it is an excellent 29-minute 
progressive radio show produced each week and distributed free to 
non-profit stations around the world -- "Radio that Activates". These 
folks also produced 5 hours of excellent coverage on the WTO Seattle 
event and they will produce "Unconventional Coverage" of the 
Republican and Democratic Party Conventions this summer. If you 
haven't heard the show, check it out: <http://www.radioproject.org>

Below is the description of an upcoming show that is particularly 
appropriate during this month when we focus on the liberation of 



Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 14:39:14 -0800
From: Laura Livoti <•••@••.•••>
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Organization: National Radio Project
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Subject: Delta on Fire

Please share this announcement with anyone you think might be 
interested. To find out what station to tune in to outside the SF Bay 
Area look at our website <http://www.radioproject.org>.

Delta on Fire: Nigerian Women's Resistance
An underreported story with interviews gathered on location:

Making Contact's Managing Director, Laura Livoti accompanied a 
delegation of human rights observers investigating multinational 
companies in Nigeria and was able to interview a number of Nigerian 
women on location.

Community after community showed the delegates streams and ponds that 
are their sole source of drinking water.  These waters, dark with the 
flickering rainbows of oil slicks, are all that each community has 
for washing and drinking.

On this special program from the National Radio Project's Women's 
Desk we take a look at Nigeria's women and in particular how the 
presence of multinational companies has affected their lives and 

Grace Ekanum, a leader of the women's movement in Eket tells the 
story of the largest oil spill in Nigerian history by Mobil, it's 
impact on her community, and how she is responding.

Esther Elenwa of the Egi Women's movement is leading a campaign among 
the women in her community who are upset that French oil company Elf 
does not employ members of the Egi community and has not fulfilled 
promises to provide electricity, clean water and roads.

Joi Yowika, Nigerian attorney and member of the minority Ogoni ethnic 
group speaks about the women she represents who have been, sexually 
exploited by oil company employees.

Annie Brisibee, a member of the Ijaw minority ethnic group in the 
Nigerian delta. Brisibee who sits on the Executive Committee of the 
Ijaw Youth Council and is the President of Niger Delta Women for 
Justice, describes difficulties faced by Nigerian women as a result 
of oil operations and traditional culture.

Gloria Monn, the eloquent head of the Grassroots Development 
Organization speaks about her work to provide women access to 
political power and to create alternative sources of livelihood for 
village women.

Making Contact, is a weekly public affairs program produced by the 
National Radio Project. It is available on satellite, cassette, or 
via Internet free of charge to non-commercial stations.

Call (510) 251-1077 or email •••@••.•••. 

Making Contact, a 29 minute program, is fed on the public radio 
satellite each Wednesday at 12 noon ET, and is available free of 
charge to all non-commercial radio stations.

Making Contact airs on 165 stations across the U.S., Canada, and 
South Africa and on international shortwave radio.  For stations and 
show times in your area, see <http://www.radioproject.org>, and go to 
our Broadcast Schedule page, or call (510) 251-1332.

Airs in the SF Bay Area on KPFA 94.1 FM  at 2 PM  Friday March 17th. 
and on San Franciso Liberation Radio 93.7 Mondays at 8pm and 26 other 
stations throughout CA.

For more information on the National Radio Project's Women's Desk 
Contact Lisa Rudman, Women's Desk Coordinator 
<•••@••.•••> (510) 251-1077

Randy Schutt
P.O. Box 60922, Palo Alto, CA 94306