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Jan Slakov

Dear RN,

While Samantha Smith (cf. RN posting of March 17) has been a great
inspiration to many peace activists, I'm posting the Znet article on Rosa
Parks mainly because I want us to remember that all our less pivotal actions
are still important, that "we are the earthworms" for revolution, as noted
Canadian activist and educator Ursula Franklin has said.

Brian Hill (in response to the same posting introducing Veterans for Peace)

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Subject: Re: Introducing Veterans for Peace (& NWO)
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 10:12:17 -0800

Is it true that 50% of the US budget still goes to the Pentagon?


and below is a posting playing on a famous quote by Barry Goldwater. Also
the good news that the Ward Morehouse & Cheri Honkala cases were dismissed.

all the best, Jan
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Paul Brailsford writes:

 [Veterans for Peace] will be demonstrating on Wd March 15th outside the
 Holiday Inn in Taunton MA, where Drug Czar Barry McCaffey is to speak on
 his dastardly plan to send 1,600 million dollars to reinforce Columbia's
 military, by getting them to subsidize our Military Industrial Complex greed
 for ways to get at our tax dollars.

 Consumer taxpayers  dollars would be better spent to have the British
 Echelon Terrorist Monitoring System check the electronic mail and telephone
 services of the greedy few who organize for huge profits the distribution of
 drugs to Americans.  Echelon could easily trace the money flow and target
 the banks that are laundering the money to finance the trade.

 Frankly I wouldn't be surprised if they use it to buy an interest in our
 privatized prison system, that's overflowing with the small dealers they

In its last anti-drug drive, the Mexican government acted to nab its chief
anti-drug policeman who was on the payroll of drug exporters.

In a statement, the Mexican government said that drug dealers on the other
side of the border were, however, getting away. They implied that new
exporters would replace the old.

Drug use feeds escapism and that is part of the North American tragedy;
it has been estimated that 60% of the world's illicit drugs are sold in
North America. Since the supply remains large that suggests that anti-drug
activity has been diverted by the greedy monied cartel into culling small
suppliers overseas so that they do not develop the cash flow needed to enter
wholesale turf.

We then have a paradox. Tax payer resources go into culling small suppliers
and thus into protecting the greedy cartel nested in North America. I have
opted to use the word "greedy" and not "drug" because the latter label
may not be watertight in practice.

Jan Slakov had introduced Paul:

 ... he feels our tax dollars are being used to train soldiers to become
 enforcers of US corporate policy. Like Paul, I think not only must quasi-
 global governing bodies like the WTO and the IMF be exposed for what they
 are, our militaries must be exposed as well. When I try to explain to non-
 activists how I see our military, I sometimes say it is as if it had been
 hijacked by big business.

"Freedom in the defense of vice is no extremism."

Moe Dalitz (a kingpin in the Meyer Lansky mob) was given the "Award of
Liberty" in 1985 by a prominent social organization. Presidential-hopeful
Barry Goldwater's 1964 campaign took a jolt when his connection to the
Stardust Casino gang (same syndicate) was exposed by journalists.
Goldwater's famous words in his post-JFK death acceptance speech caused
queries. For clarity, you just alter the positions of the words that had
come out of Goldwater's mind.

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The case against Cheri Honkala and Ward Morehouse for their participation
in the WTO protests has been dismissed. KWRU would like to thank the
members of the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign, as well as the
musicians, artists, lawyers, social workers, and everyone else who wrote
letters and showed such a tremendous outpouring of support for this case. 

Read the press release. Read the judge's statement. Read a brief statement
by Cheri Honkala.