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Jan Slakov

Dear RN,

 If I understand the comments from Wendell W. Solomons (below) correctly,
the idea is that if we deny funding for oil & gas projects through
quasi-public institutions like the World Bank, then governments will go to
big corporatations. Actually, we can see this happening with privatization
of military operations as the next message will show.

Thinking about this leads me to observe that the idea that we are not as
responsible for privately funded horrors as we are for publicly funded ones
is an illusion. The earth and its resources are the responsibility of all of
us and part of that responsibility is to ensure that all of us, that
includes governments, companies, individuals too, we all must stop killing
each other and democracy and make true sustainability our priority.

all the best, Jan
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 01:40:50 +0600
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From: "Wendell W. Solomons" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Wld Bank to stop mega(disaster) projects

Thank you for the IMF post. The next World Bank post
needs comment.

I had been waiting for a reaction from the authorities
to the opening of rally season. The authorities would
hardly be asleep - would they - in "humanitarian" affairs?

In September 1998 Milton Friedman had led the reaction
by declaring, "the IMF helps rich bankers." That was his
way of driving in a wedge between (a) poor developing
nations who have nowhere to go but the IMF and (b) Western
activists. To swallow Friedman's bait would make (b) appear
Quixotic and irrelevant in the eyes of the developing
world, an important part of (b)'s constituency.

The FOE statement happened to come to us from a credible
source, Janet Eaton. However, using local energy deposits
is a choice made by China, Indonesia and several other
nations primarily to save on imports. Thus, discouraging
World Bank finance would not stop development but would
force these countries instead into the clutches of Chevron
or Shell, the tributaries of mega funds.

We know that has become the fate of the once independent
Caspian basin resources.

It also drives in a wedge between (a) and (b).

Activists must be cautioned to look at the 12th - 14th Century
Church ban on lending money on interest which sent people to
fortify a small group of clans and give them a head and shoulders
start in building up capital to offer war loans to governments.



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 "..it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,
 tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.."
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>From: "Janet M Eaton" <•••@••.•••>
>Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 14:40:57 +0000
>Subject: Call for World Bank to stop Oil, Gas and Mining Financing !! 
>Given the dependency of the military on fossil fuels and certain 
>minerals,  and the  growing use of private armies to secure  oil, gas 
>and mining projects in poor nations  and the well established links 
>between economic globalization and militarism  this may  be of  
>interest  !! 
>" Friends of the Earth-US, in consultation with other
> groups, has prepared an NGO platform statement that
> calls on the World Bank to shift out of financing
> oil, gas and mining projects and to announce an
> immediate ban on financing these projects in
> pristine, frontier areas. "
>This NGO platform  contains 
>1] Ten Reasons the World Bank Group Should
> Stop Financing Oil, Gas, and Mining Projects in Poor Nations
>2] Ten Better Examples of Good Development


Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 13:42:24 +0800
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From: Dion Giles <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: rn: On China & Taiwan

The almost exclusively geopolitical and ideological arguments for and 
against Taiwan being part of China which Jan Slakov has helpfully gathered 
omit or downplay the only argument worth anything whatsoever -- that 
whether Taiwan accepts incorporation into China or de facto or fully 
declared independence is the business of the Taiwanese people and nobody 
else.  The best the outside world can do, to help the spread of democracy 
in the world, is to make it clear to anyone seeking to challenge this right 
of the Taiwanese people by use of military force that they will be met with 
counter-force will be met with equal force as were the Argentinian fascists 
who challenged the right of the people of the Falklands to make their own 
arrangements for their own society and -- finally -- the German fascists 
who made the same challenge to the people of Poland.

If this is not made clear to the Chinese "Communist" butchers then we have 
a re-run of the Munich betrayal all over again.

Those who accept "left" or "right" ideological or geopolitical or trade or 
historical arguments to thwart the right of a people to run their own 
country have little commitment to democracy.

A fitting answer to Chinese bluster about "One China" is that if it's to be 
one China embracing China and Taiwan then there is only one government for 
this "one China" which has been legitimised by an honest election, and that 
government is in Taipei.

The suggestion in Philip Cunningham's article that the American workers are 
"obsessed" with human rights (can anyone claiming to speak or work for the 
people be less?) and probably really concerned with protecting inefficient 
American industry falls for one of Mr Greed's code words.  For "inefficient 
industry" read industry which has to respect laws on rights of workers and 
protection of the environment and obligations to the social infrastructure 
that the thugs running the Chinese "People's" Republic would never have 
heard of.

Dion Giles
Fremantle, Western Australia
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 17:57:59 +0000
To: •••@••.•••
From: Diana Rhodes <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Peace Scroll 2000

Dear Friends

The Peace Scroll is completed.  This historic document is receiving
acclaim for its role in the peace process.  It is with great pleasure
that  the Seed of Life Peace Foundation can inform you of the completion
of  the First Edition Peace Scroll 1999 and that this inspirational and
historic document has been presented to the United Nations University
for Peace in Costa Rica.

The Second Edition Peace Scroll 2000 is now in the process of being
compiled and, as the First Edition, will include written proclamations
of Peace from World Leaders, Spiritual Leaders, groups, organisations
and individuals.  This Second Edition Peace Scroll is to be dedicated,
with their blessings and support, to the United Nations  University for
Peace, Costa Rica. 

The Seed of Life Peace Foundation requests that you send, and encourage
others to send, words of peace to be included in this Second Edition.
The intention is, with your help, to build on the millions of people
already represented in the First Edition.

The only commitment to this Peace Scroll is to the expression, desire
and intent for Peace and Healing.  The contributors and contributions
cross all cultures and all creeds. All and yet no spiritual and
religious beliefs are encompassed , each individual being allowed the
freedom of expression toward peace and healing.

Further explanation of the Seed of Life Peace Foundation’s work can be
found on www.sol-star.demon.co.uk.  When sending your words please make
clear your name, country and who the words represent, e.g. personal,
group (giving name and approximate numbers, organisation (giving name
and approximate numbers), or specific relevant title and country.  The
contributions are entered in alphabetical order to encourage the idea
that the famous names are not the object of this project.  The object of
this project is to bring together the energy and integrity carried by
each individual,  organisation or country.

I thank you for your work toward peace and healing in the world and look
forward to receiving your energy contribution to this Peace Initiative
in the form of your words of peace.

Infinite Peace and Blessings
Diana Rhodes

First Edition 1999
A Peace Scroll has been compiled including written proclamations of
peace from World Leaders, Spiritual Leaders, Groups, 
organisations and individuals.  
This inspirational and historic document now represents millions of

This can be ordered from the following address.  A gift for Christmas or
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The following are examples of unsolicited reviews and responses:-

“Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL Peace Scroll.  Thanks also for the
wonderful work you’re doing to inspire such wonderful thoughts and
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Pathways to Peace  

“The Peace Scroll is wonderful, congratulations! - Si vis pacem, para
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“I returned home from the Gathering with a copy of the Peace Scroll.  To
read through it, or to even just glance at it, is a constant reminder to
me of both Gatherings and the beauty created by people.  It is a
wonderful reminder of the purpose we have in common, “healing for Earth
Mother, for ALL people, and for all of our relations of creation”. It
also serves to remind me of my brothers and sisters who were in Wales
and of the great work that has been done and is being achieved.   I pray
that the Peace Scroll will bring many more into the awareness of what is
required at this crucial time, and help them to join us in our mission
of universal peace and love.  God Bless.”  Syd Melbourne


I enclose my words of Peace to be included in the Second Edition Peace
Scroll 2000.
Please indicate whether words are personal, group (stating name), or
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Diana Rhodes