cj#1137,rn> ‘left and right together, we shall not be moved…’


Richard Moore


As I explain in the letter below, I believe that the key to
movement success will be the coming together of grass-roots
people and groups from the left and right.  We need also to
overcome racial and gender divides, and others, but I see
the left-right divide as being the most pivotal from a
political perspective.

This particular divide is an ideological one, and it gets
down to fundamental political issues such as the
relationship between the individual and society, the role of
government, the structure of the economy, the importance of
national sovereignty, and the meaning of community.

For the two groups to work together, they will need to
discuss these kinds of issues, and these are the very issues
that need to be discussed if we are to create a vision of
the kind of world we want for our children.  All that energy
that currently fuels suspicion and hostility between left
and right can be transformed into the creative energy
needed to fuel the movement and create the necessary vision.
 That which is now a problem (divisiveness) can be
transformed into a solution (creative alliance).  That's
what I mean by 'synergy', below.

I don't mean to imply that left and right aren't already
working together to some extent.  Brian Hill, for example,
has long been working along these lines, and we've seen
collaborations in Seattle and elsewhere.  But the idea
hasn't become contagious yet, and that's what we need - a
'contagion' of left and right collaboration, breaking out in
different forms all over the place.  How can we encourage
such an epidemic?

Below is my own humble attempt at an outreach letter, at
'web weaving' as we called it at our one and only Democratic
Renaissance gathering in Bear River back in '98.  If you
think I'm on the right track, you might try some web weaving
of your own with the 'other'.

all the best,

Dear Y,

As you can see above, X suggested I contact you.

I'd be quite interested to see any feedback you may have
regarding the website and its contents.  Just yesterday I added
an entire book by Jerry Fresia, called "Toward an American
Revolution".  One of its good features, it seems to me, is
that it seems to appeal to everyone, whether they might
consider themselves toward the left or the right of the
political spectrum.

Which brings me to the motive for my contacting you.  If
you've read "Escaping the Matrix", then you already know my
feelings about 'left' and 'right'.  I see them as categories
which have little to do with our real political problems,
and categories which serve to keep us divided and powerless.
 Also in the article, I argued that only a massive
grass-roots movement can achieve any meaningful or lasting
change in our rotten system.

Left and right both seem to agree the system is rotten, but
they usually disagree on why.  The two groups seem to talk
mostly among themselves, and quite naturally they end up
blaming the other group - the  "them" they don't talk to -
for the problems. And they are both encouraged by the mass
media to place blame in that way.  The obvious bias of
media announcers angers the right against liberals, and the
negative coverage of "extremist" right-wing groups
encourages liberals to be paranoid toward the right. One
never hears seems to hear 'right-wing' on the tube without
'extremist' attached.

My own experience, and that of the Seatte demonstrations and
others, is that when the two groups get together and talk,
they find they have more in common than they usually think
they do.  My view is that the movement will really begin to
take off when a certain explosive event occurs: namely when
grassroots groups on the left and right begin working
together from sea to shining sea.

There are two reasons for this.  The first is simply the
_alliance factor: two competing camps who join forces make
an obvious strategic difference in their mutual prospects
for success.  The second is the _synergy factor: the two
groups have a lot to learn from one another, and their
different perspectives will encourage breaking new ground in
their ideas and thinking.

So I'm on the lookout to contact people on the 'right'
who are interested in exploring how such an 'explosive
event' might be encouraged.  You may or may not be such a
person.  X described you as 'libertarian', 'carries a
gun', and 'well read on politics', so I thought it would be
worth asking.