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Porto Alegre, Brazil
January 25-30, 2001

The World Social Forum will be a new international arena for
organizing against neoliberal policies and for building
economic alternatives that prioritize social justice.  It
will take place every year in the city of Porto Alegre,
Brazil, during the same period as the World Economic Forum,
which happens in Davos, Switzerland, at the end of January.

The World Social Forum will provide a space for building
economic alternatives, for exchanging experiences and for
strengthening South-North alliances between NGOs, unions and
social movements. It will also be an opportunity for
developing concrete actions, to educate the public, and to
mobilize civil society internationally.

The World Social Forum developed as a consequence of a
growing international movement that has gained greater
visibility since the mobilizations against the Multilateral
Agreement on Investments (MAI), which happened in Europe in
1998, the demonstrations in Seattle, during the WTO meeting
in 1999, and the protests against the IMF and the World Bank
in Washington, DC, and Prague, among others.

For decades, these international financial institutions have
been making decisions that affect the lives of people all
over the world, without being subject to any sort of
democratic control. People in Third World countries, as well
as the poor and excluded sectors of industrialized countries
suffer the devastating effects of economic globalization and
the dictatorship of international institutions such as the
IMF, the World Bank, the WTO and the governments that serve
their interests.

We need to continue pressuring these institutions to be
accountable to our societies. Similarly, our governments
must be made aware that this oversight will be exercised
with increasing intensity over their actions. Many of us
have struggled in our own countries, regions, or cities,
thinking that we were isolated. Recently, we have begun to
realize that together we can constitute a planetary
archipelago of resistance. The World Social Forum represents
a new opportunity toward the construction of an
international counter-power.

Brazil is one the countries that has been greatly affected
by neoliberal policies. At the same time, different sectors
of Brazilian society are resisting these policies, in rural
and urban areas, in shantytowns, factories, political
parties, churches, schools, etc. The richness of Brazilian
grassroots organizations represents a source of inspiration
for the development of the World Social Forum.

The Brazilian Organizing Committee invites international
networks of NGOs, unions and social movements to help us
build the World Social Forum. We hope to receive support
from organizations in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe
with a commitment to contribute with this organizing process
and to send delegations to Porto Alegre in January. We are
asking for a special commitment from organizations in the
First World to help funding delegations from their partner
organizations in Third World countries, in order to
guarantee diversity within the World Social Forum.

The World Social Forum will represent a historic moment for
organizing and social change. Let's build it together!

If you have not registered yet, please do so. Individuals
need to be registered through their organizations. There are
many ways to participate, but those who wish to give
workshops should make their proposals as soon as possible.
Mobilizing committees have been formed in some regions of
the world, but not yet in the U.S..  If you wish to be part
of the U.S. committee please contact me- Carol Brouillet at
•••@••.•••, I'm also working on getting conference
rate airfares for those coming from the U.S.. If you haven't
registered, yet, but plan to go, and need an airline ticket-
please let me know.

Thank-you! Carol Brouillet

Richard K Moore
Wexford, Ireland
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