Summit in Cuba: Rio Ten Years After


Richard Moore

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Subject: Enironmental Summit in Cuba: Rio Ten Years After

Dear Colleague,
We are inviting you to participate in a special conference
taking place in Havana: The Third International Convention
on Environment and Development

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT:  Fact or Dream, Ten Years After the
Rio Summit
Havana, Cuba
June 17 - 24, 2001

Major topics to be addressed include:
o       Environmental Education
o       Environmental Management for Sustainable Development
o       Environmental Law and Policy
o       Economy and Environment
o       Biological Diversity and Protected Areas
o       Energy and Sustainable Development
o       Environmental Health Issues

You can obtain more detailed information on the agenda for
this conference by accessing the conference web site:


o  Cuba has been selected for special recognition by the
United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) this year
because of the extraordinary progress it has made during the
last decade in creating model programs in sustainable

o  The conference is a unique opportunity to gain an
understanding of Cuba's environmental policies and programs;
the significance of the Cuban model to other countries of
the developing world (which we think is quite considerable);
and how professionals from the developed world can work
together with their Cuban counterparts to promote
sustainability world wide.

o  Many of you are receiving this letter because you have
participated, or expressed interest in participating, in a
delegation focused on organic agriculture, natural and
traditional medicine or renewable energy in Cuba.  This
environmental/sustainable development conference will
provide a more comprehensive understanding of the context in
which Cuba's food, medicine and energy programs are

In an effort to facilitate your participation in this
conference, we are organizing a special  U.S. delegation
that will meet in Cancun, Mexico on Sunday, June 17 for the
flight to Havana. The one- week program will include the
conference itself; additional meetings with Cuban
specialists involved in projects in organic agriculture,
natural and traditional medicine, and renewable energy; and
a visit to one of Cuba's four internationally recognized Bio
Reserves.  The program will conclude on Sunday afternoon,
June 24.

Travel arrangements will be made by Global Exchange Reality
Tours, a licensed Cuba travel service provider with twelve
years experience organizing educational Cuba tours.  As
professionals and/or participants on an educational trip,
you will be fully licensed to participate in this

The cost of the delegation will be $1300.  This includes
round-trip airfare from Cancun to Havana; three meals per
day; accommodation at an ocean front, four star hotel; full
program with translators and tour guides; all in-country
transportation; and attention to delegates' individual
professional requests.

The conference fee of $250 will be paid by participants in
cash upon arrival at the conference. Participants will also
cover the cost of their roundtrip airfare to Cancun.

We have been involved in sustainable development projects in
Cuba for many years, each in our respective fields.  We have
been continually impressed, as have participants on the many
previous delegations, with Cuba's unique and ever broadening
approach to meeting its food, medicine and energy needs in
an integrated and sustainable way.

We are including here all of our email addresses in case you
wish to contact one of us individually regarding your
participation in the conference.

In addition to the conference delegation, we invite you to
become involved in future interchange with our Cuban
ecological counterparts.  We are working on a pilot project
for a U.S.-based organization which will interact more
extensively with Cuba's large community of specialists who
are developing Cuban policies, strategies and projects in
sustainable development.  The possibility exists for long
term U.S.- Cuba exchanges of great depth and breadth.  We
welcome you to join us in this effort.


Martin Bourque, Ecology Center, Berkeley, CA

Dr. Michele Frank, M.D.

Laurie Stone, Engineer, Solar Energy International

Pam Montanaro or  Caryn Mandelbaum, Cuba Program Coordinators, Global

U.S. Mailing Address:

Cuba Environmental Conference/Pam

c/o Global Exchange

2017 Mission Street, Suite #303

San Francisco, CA  94708

Phone 415-255-7296, ext 231

o To learn more about the conference and this exciting pilot
project, please "reply" to
0000,0000,•••@••.••• by typing an "X" 
beside one or both of the categories on the form below,
along with your name and contact information.


___  Yes I am interested in participating in the delegation.
Please send me additional information and the application

___  Yes I am interested in learning about future
opportunities to engage in interchange with Cuban
environmental specialists in the areas of health,
agriculture, energy as well as general environmental
projects.  Please add me to your mailing list.

Full Name:

Profession/ Organization:

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Email Address:

Richard K Moore
Wexford, Ireland

    A community will evolve only when
    the people control their means of communication.
    - Frantz Fanon

    "Consensus does not mean agreement.  It means we create a
    forum where all voices can be heard and we can think
    creatively rather than dualistically about how to reconcile
    our different needs and visions."
        - Starhawk, "Lessons from Seattle and Washington D.C.", 
        in "Democratizing the Global Economy", Kevin Danaher, ed.,
        Common Courage Press, Monroe, Maine, 2001.

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