Announcement: Community Currency network


Richard Moore

Bcc: misc.


A while back I sent out a request to the list, hoping to get
leads to some software contracting.  One of the people who
responded was Michael Linton, one of the pioneers of the
LETS initiative.  I wrote a prototype system for him which
he is now using for demos.  I don't quite understand why
community-currencies work, but evidently they are being used
very effectively all over the world.  In Brazil, due to cash
strangulation brought on by globalization, community
currencies have hit the big time.  They allow people to do
business with one another without using pieces of paper
issued by some bank - pieces of paper that come at a high
real cost to the user.

Community currencies are free, they are creative, they help
build a stronger sense of community, and they help empower
that community.  

I was intrigued by the project I did for Michael.  For the
past two weeks I found myself unable to do anything except
improve that system and turn it into something that people
could really use.  It's available now - 'cybercredits
trading network', at:

Cybercredits is not a currency - it's a system in which
anyone can set up a currency.  You simply make up a currency
name, establish it, and then you can tell your friends and
neighbors.  They sign on to cybercredits, register with your
currency, and then they can record trades with one another. 
Don't ask me what to use it for - that's not my department. 
But if you're into it, give it a try.  I'd love to hear what
you use it for, and of course feedback on the system
operation would be welcome. If anyone wants to design better
screens, I'd be glad to incorporate them.  The current
interface seems fine to me, but that's because I'm an

It's free and there's no advertising.

all the best,