Susan George: “Please read carefully”


Richard Moore

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Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 07:51:32 -0400

This comes from Susan George; Sid.
Regards, Brit~

The person sending this is a Canadian trade unionist in whom I have
complete confidence and who also sends important texts daily to a list of

Please read carefully.  SG 

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From: Sid Shniad <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Something is happening out there

The three messages today about what happened in Sweden, agents provocateurs
attacking demonstrators in Barcelona, and the stockpiling of body bags in
Genoa indicate that the powers that be are going into high gear in their
battle against the opponents of neoliberal globalization.

It appears to me that the bad guys could well be setting things up for a
dramatic incident in Genoa which will be used to prove to the world that
the powers opposing neoliberal globalization are violent enemies of society
who must be stopped at any cost. I think this will be used to rationalize a
markeds escalation of attacks on progressive groups and movements of all

In this context, I see it as virtally important for all of us to do a
serious assessment of where the anti-globalization movement is at today.
Cindy Milstein argued in her article "Something Did Start in Quebec City:
North America's Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Movement" that

"Care must nevertheless be taken not to let the diversity of tactics
principle morph into a code for 'anything goes.' As noted by L. A. Kauffman
in her recent essay, 'Turning Point,' already 'in certain radical circles .
. . the militant acts at the front lines are being seen-and celebrated-in
isolation, as part of a growing mystique of insurrection.' These direct
actions are not yet, and perhaps will never become, insurrections. Viewing
them as such could lead to the use of tactics that would be potentially
suicidal for this still-fledgling movement-as the historical examples of
the Weather Underground and Red Army Faction show. Without a bit more
definition to the diversity principle, and a way to make people accountable
to any parameters decided on, the anti-capitalist movement is wide open to
stupidity or sabotage -- or at least more than it needs to be."

Given these recent developments, Milstein and Kaufman's warning takes on
even greater significance.

In solidarity,

Sid Shniad

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