rn: protest Carlo’s death, take “response”ibilty


Jan Slakov

Dear RN list,

The death in Genoa has deeply affected at least a couple of my friends and
we are eager to take responsibility, in the sense of finding an appropriate

I will copy parts of two messages I am sending to a Canadian peace and
justice list I moderate called "Bruna's list" below. I hope it will be of
interest to you as well.

all the best, Jan
subject: Carlo Guiliani - tips for protest of G8 death
Dear "Bruna's list" & others,

I'm very grateful to Connie for putting this message together, for her
action (described below) and for pointing out that this police brutality is
done on orders. ... Niether Italy or Canada have big reputations for police
brutality. But under corporate globalization, this is what we will get, here
too I fear, unless WE take some direct responsibility for "training" the
police (and military) ourselves.

all the best, Jan
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 00:42:58 -0700
From: Connie Fogal <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Protest G8 Murder of Protestor


While he who could be your son or brother lay dead from a police bullet to 
the head and then for good measure was run over by the police vehicle, 
remember that the police follow orders. While the G8 leaders and others are 
all smiles and smug in their privileged meeting, remember they are secretly 
promoting terms in international agreements that criminalize dissent and 
remove the democratic right of free speech and free assembly. While we 
decry police brutality, remember a world police force unregulated by any 
nation has been created by the world powers. Still we can say NO to those 
forces if we stand together. But we must breach the denial that exists.

While I was conducting a lone candlelight vigil at the Italian consulate in 
Vancouver July 20, the night of the G8 murder of the youth from Spain, a 
young Italian- Canadian male stopped to read the signs plastered on the 
glass doors announcing the protest Saturday July 21, at 5:30 pm., Italian 
Consulate, 510 West Hastings St. Vancouver BC. He was attracted by the name 
Genoa because he comes from there, and asked me what happened there and 
when. His response to my explanation was: “That’s bullshit, bullshit. I 
come from Genoa. We know how to treat people and it is not like that. That 
did not happen!”  A middle aged man with a French Canadian accent paused 
sympathetically, but said, “Well it’s fine to  protest but  it is not right 
for the protestors to hurt people.”

“First They Came For”....... by Reverend Martin Niemoeller

In Germany, the Nazis first came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then the came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Catholics,
  but I didn’t speak up because I was a protestant.
  Then they came for me,
  and by that time there was no one left to speak for me.

Reverend Niemoeller, a German Lutheran pastor, was arrested by the Gestapo 
and sent to Dachau in 1938. He was freed by the allied forces in 1945.


If you have not heard of a protest being organized in your town, do your 
own public vigil this weekend at your nearest political site. All levels of 
government are responsible.

Italian Embassy and Consulates in Canada:
Italian Embassy in Ottawa
275 Slater Street, 21st floor
OTTAWA, Ontario K1P 5H9
Tel. (613) 232-2401/2/3
Fax (613) 233-1484
E-mail: •••@••.•••

Consulate General in Montréal
3489 Drummond Street
MONTRÉAL, Québec H3G 1X6
Tel. (514) 849-8351/2/3/4
Fax (514) 499-9471
E-mail: •••@••.•••
Webpage: http://www.italconsul.montreal.qc.ca

Consulate General in Toronto
136 Beverley Street
Toronto (ON) M5T 1Y5
Tel. (416) 977 1566
Fax (416) 977 1119
E-mail: •••@••.•••
Webpage: http://www.toronto.italconsulate.org


C/0 CONSTANCE FOGAL LAW OFFICE, #401 -207 West Hastings St., Vancouver, 
B.C. V6B1H7
Tel: (604)687-0588; fax: (604) 872 -1504 or (604) 688-0550;cellular(604) 
202 7334;
  E-MAIL    •••@••.•••; www.canadianliberty.bc.ca

“The constitution of Canada does not belong either to Parliament, or to the 
Legislatures; it belongs to the country and it is there that the citizens 
of the country will find the protection of the rights to which they are 
entitled” Supreme Court of Canada  A.G. of Nova Scotia and A.G. of Canada, 
S.C.R. 1951 pp 32
subject:IMC attacked in Genoa - next G8 in Alberta!
Dear "Bruna's list" and others,

This e-mail reports:
The next G8 summit is due to take place in Canada next year. Canadian
Prime> Minister Jean Chretien has picked a tiny Rockies resort called
Kananaskis,> Alberta - some 80 km (50 miles) from Calgary.

I gather the upcoming NATO meeting in Ottawa (Oct. 2001) is seen by some to
be something of a trial run before that G8 summit.

Initially, the NATO meeting was going to be in Victoria. Various peace
groups were planning to shut it down (taking their inspiration from the
Seattle WTO event). Then Victoria municipal council announced it couldn't
ensure security for the NATO meeting and NATO decided to move. 

Now it seems Canadian peace groups and anti-globalization groups from around
the world are focusing mainly on a teach-in to coincide with the upcoming
NATO meeting.

I'm relieved and excited by this. I want us to build a better world, not to
get more people killed or hurt. I think that, as a movement, we need to
reflect on how best to accomplish what we want and a teach-in could be just
the thing! The Voice of Women is planning to have a workshop at the teach-in
and I am interested in helping to plan it. I'm interested in sharing ideas
with anyone (men too:) about this.

all the best, Jan
PS A sample letter of protest by Roger Lagassé follows this message.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2001 1:28 PM
Subject: Fw: POLICE RAID AT ITALY-IMC (Independent Media Centre)

> There are two messages here about the brutal police raid on Italy IMC
(Independent Media Centre) and a call for action.
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> From: slacker <•••@••.•••>
> To: <•••@••.•••>; <•••@••.•••>; <•••@••.•••>;
> Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2001 7:25 PM
 > Thought you'd be interested in this update from the IMC (Independent
Media Centre).  Please pay particular attention to the part that says "Those
inside the center are requesting that people contact media and governments
to denounce the activities of the Italian police."
> >
> > In Solidarity,
> > David Hermolin
> >
> > July 21: Police entered the Radio Gap studio and the Italy IMC. Tear gas
> was
> > fired around the IMC as the police broken into the center. Police batton
> > charged inside the IMC. A reporter from IMC-UK, who is inside the
> is
> > reporting that there are 10 injured people inside the IMC, three of whom
> > were taken away by ambulance. Some computers monitors were broken by the
> > police. A cell phone report indicates that people have been split into
> > groups inside the IMC by the police. We have conflicting reports as to
> what
> > is actually transpiring. Those inside the center are requesting that
> people
> > contact media and governments to denounce the activities of the Italian
> > police. Outside the media center, there have been reports that many
> > have been beaten. As of 0:48 GMT, police have left the building. However
> > people inside the center are being held because police are blockading
> around
> > the building. We are having difficulty verifying exactly what is taking
> > place right now because tense situation. Listen to the police raid (it),
> > read an irc log translated from the radio stream. Police are claiming
> > they found "black bloc" outfits inside of the IMC, justifying their
> >
> > www.indymedia.org
> >
> > This is the Toronto Email List
> > http://toronto.tao.ca
> >
> > For help goto http://lists.tao.ca
> ___________
> > Undercurrents report in Genoa,Italy
> In a country where the majority of the media outlets are owned by the
> extreme right wing Prime minister, perhaps it is no suprise that the the
> media is being attacked from all sides in Genoa, Italy.
> As the G8 politicians gather in their fortified hotels and conference
> centres, a group called the Blac Bloc are attacking journalists, both
> alternative and mainstream. As tear gas, molotov bombs and bricks filled
> streets, the Undercurrents hired car was thrashed, and laptops stolen and
> video equipment destroyed. We have also witnessed Blac Bloc pulling Tv
> cameramen off scooters, grabbing cameras and kicking reporters about the
> head. Other photographers have been attacked resulting in films being
> out of their cameras. Tv cameras have also been thrown onto burning cars.
> Police violence is out of control as well.In a repeat of the attack on the
> Independent Media Centre (IMC)  in Quebec, Police have raided the Genoa
> centre.
> "Police arrived and grabbed the first people they could outside and beat
> them heavily - one of the first to be beaten was a uk reporter who was
> smashed repeatedly by a group of them - one held him by his neck while the
> others beat him with clubs - unconscious he was left in the street in a
> of blood."
> Justification for the Brutal raid was a search for weapons. One reporter
> said " the weapons they found were knives and forks for cooking and
> The police were also looking for film and photographs
> of the anti-G8 demonstrations which degenerated into violent clashes on
> Friday and Saturday, resulting in one death and many wounded. As IMC
> journalists stood with hands against the walls of the halls. Police
> confiscated mini discs, a digital camera,floppy discs, video tapes and
> materials, like gas masks and swiss army knives. As reporters were carried
> out on stretchers, the crowd began shouting "Assessini! Assesini!" at the
> gasmasked, machine gun weilding police.
> Undercurrents is awaiting reports back from our entire crew.One of the
> Undercurrents team escaped in blood soaked clothes to Rome but is unhurt.
> The Black block were denounced by non violent campaigners in a mass
> The Bloc later released a statement saying "Day by day, the capitalist
> order produces a diversity of violence. Poverty, hunger, expilsion,
> exclusion, the death of millions of people and the destruction of living
> spaces is part of their policy."
> While claiming to be trying to close the G8 meeting down they did not
> explain why they are attacking residents homes, cars, journalists and
> looting shops. Their release continued with "Smashed windows of banks and
> multinational companies are symbolic actions. Nevertheless we do not agree
> with the destruction and looting of small shops and cars. This is not our
> policy. "
> Many people are talking about the Black bloc being mostly police
> infiltrators. One group asked how only 200 black block could travel the
> without being picked up, day after day despite residents telling police
> about their camping grounds.
> The next G8 summit is due to take place in Canada next year. Canadian
> Minister Jean Chretien has picked a tiny Rockies resort called Kananaskis,
> Alberta - some 80 km (50 miles) from Calgary.
> More details on http://www.undercurrents.org
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Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 22:03:54 -0700
From: Roger and/or Denise =?iso-8859-1?Q?Lagass=E9?= 
To: Roger =?iso-8859-1?Q?Lagass=E9?= <•••@••.•••>
Subject: [Fwd: Police brutality at Genoa]

-------- Original Message --------
From: Roger and/or Denise Lagassé <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Police brutality at Genoa
To: •••@••.•••

Dear Ambassador,
        I am distressed to see the level of violent repression during
the G8 summit.  I am particulary concerned about the police attack on
the independent media center.  Please investigate thoroughly and ensure
that those responsible are brought to justice.

Roger Lagassé
8146 Redrooffs Rd.
Halfmoon Bay, B.C.
V0N 1Y1
Rés:  604-885-4353