rn:John McMurtry: the ultimate “big lie”


Jan Slakov

Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 21:25:10 +0800
Subject: The ultimate big lie--McMurtry address

>From: "Brian Jenkins" <•••@••.•••>
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>McMurtry, J -- Why is there a war in Afghanistan?
>Uneasy suspicions that the new 'permanent war' may be an offspring of US
>petroleum and other corporate interests have been articulated in
>devastating language by the (Toronto) University of Guelph's Prof John
>McMurtry, whose blunt analysis laid bare the MAI in 1997 (see at
>http://mai.flora.org/forum/2084 ).
>Here is a small excerpt from the war critique, delivered in a Peace forum
>address on 9 December:
>"The permanent war against "terrorists" of the Third World is the cap of a
>continuous and historically unprecedented financial deregulation of markets
>and haemorrhages of transnationally mobile capital in and out of nations
>leading to meltdowns from Brazil and Mexico to Russia and
>Asia.--The pace of "re-engineerings" of societies' economic bases has been
>dizzying, as all totalitarian movements require to keep destabilising
>"Within a decade, the world has been made to serve the only legitimate
>value-set now permissible in public discourse: "private investor value", a
>condition overtly celebrated as "the brutal global competition to survive".
>"The most notorious characteristic of totalitarianism is "the big lie" - a
>pervasive overriding of the distinction between fact and fiction by
>saturating mass media falsehoods. In the familiar forms of totalitarianism,
>"the big lie" occurs in a moving, ad hoc form - typically targeting an
>internal group for systematic attack by brutal persecution, and filling the
>news with false portrayals of an external enemy. The traditional form of
>the big lie targets a highly symbolic event (the Reichstag fire or the U.S.
>Trade Centre attack), or a claimed enemy of the populace ("communists" or
>"Islamic extremists"). "
>McMurtry's paper will be dismissed by his powerful targets as 'conspiracy
>theory'. But it is a theory which we must not fail to read and contemplate.
>A 10-page PDF version can be downloaded and printed from
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