rn:Peace walk with Sept. 11 families/VitW


Jan Slakov

From: "Voices in the Wilderness" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: walk for healing and peace update
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 00:28:42 -0600
Organization: Voices in the Wilderness

"Ari & I" White House briefing, Wednesday, November 28, by Russell
Hartford Courant article on the walk
Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel: "Survivors Walk for Peace"
Dear Friends,
The above are links to recent reports on the "walk for healing and
peace." Members of VitW and Voices UK have just completed this walk from
Washington DC--New York City. Joined by family members of 9/11 victims
that have issued calls of nonviolence, we made stops in Baltimore,
Philadelphia, Chester, PA, and New Jersey.

We were encouraged by the support and hospitality of those we met along
the way. In the struggle to find our voices after 9/11, we were blessed
by the opportunity to amplify the messages of those most directly
affected by the attacks. 

While on the walk, David Potorti, who lost his brother Jim in the WTC,
had this to say: "I believe we really do need a strong show of force,
but there are different ways of showing force. You can be legally
strong, morally strong, spiritually strong."  

David's message is clear: Nonviolence does not signal weakness; it is
the result of a search for creative and productive alternatives to
violence. The validity of this message and those like it should not be

As a result of the community that was formed while on the walk, several
family members of 9/11 victims will be exploring the possibility of
forming an organization to give voice to the call for nonviolence in our
world. If you would like to contact them for further information, please
email •••@••.•••.

Please also check out the daily walk updates on our website at
http://www.nonviolence.org/vitw/walkhp.html, where you will find
reflections from walkers and pictures chronicling our daily comings and
On behalf of VitW and the members of the walk, we would like to thank
you for your support. The work of Voices would not be possible without
your generosity.
VitW will also be co-sponsoring a three-day nonviolence training and
action conference in NYC Jan 20-22. We would love to see everyone make
it out for that. Tentative speakers include Kathy Kelly, Dan Berrigan,
Denis Halliday, and Amy Goodman (of Democracy Now! in Exile). To
register ahead of time (recommended), please visit

Best wishes to you this holiday season.

With Love,
Melissa Muro and Joe Proulx
with Voices in the Wilderness
1460 West Carmen Ave
Chicago  IL  60640