re: publication of “The Story of America”


Richard Moore


Bernd Hamm, a German Professor of sociology, is putting together
an anthology to be published in several languages by Zed Books.
The tentative title is "Bushgang America" and it will be aimed
particularly at non-American audiences. Several well-known
authors have promised contributions, and quite possibly the book
will be a moderate best-seller. The success of Michael Moore's
books might also encourage the success of our book, which
concerns itself with some of the same themes.

I was glad to be asked to contribute to this project, and am
pleased with the scope permitted to my chapter. It will be the
first main chapter of the book, following two introductory
pieces. If all goes well, this could be the first exposure of my
material to a large audience. My progress on publishing a book of
my own has been dismal. Sometimes you end up waiting for fate to
come to you, and sometimes that works out the best. We'll see.

Below is the latest draft of the table of contents. I believe
this is still changing as some contributors drop out and others
join in. The title also is being reconsidered, although no
obviously winning replacements have been offered as yet.

best regards

btw> thanks to those who sent in feedback, in one case a complete
copy-edit pass!  Changes have been made, but not sufficient to warrant
re-posting, at least not so soon.  I'll post it to the website when final.

Status Oct 16, 2003

(ca. 16.500 words)

Bushgang America (working title)

1. Introduction (Bernd Hamm, Professor of sociology, University
of Trier, Trier, Germany in writing, ca. 3.000 words)

2. The Coup d'etat in Washington (Andre Gunder Frank, Senior
Fellow, World History Center, Northeastern University, Boston,
USA, Paper ok, 4.786 words)

The Global Hegemon

3. The Story of America-How to Change the World Without Really
Trying (Richard K. Moore, former software engineer, freelance
writer draft ok, 6.330 words, revision promised end oct.)

4. The political economy of American militarism (Nick Beams,
national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party, Australia
draft ok, 12.170 words)

5. A Concise History of United States Global Interventions, 1945
to the Present (William Blum, former State Department diplomat,
freelance writer chapter of Rogue State, 13.861 words, needs some

6. Global Poverty in theLate  Twentiest Century (Michel
Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa,
Canada paper ok, already published, 6.195 words)

7. The US Economy, balance of payments, Dollar vs. Euro, real
growth, real employment (Trevor Evans, Professor of International
Development, University of Economics, Berlin, Germany abstract

8. Bush and the US Anti-Environmental Countermovement (Andrew
Austin, Professor of Social Change and Development, University of
Wisconsin, Green Bay, USA; Laurel Phoenix, Professor of Public
and Environmental Affairs, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay,
USA abstract ok)

9. US cultural and linguistic imperialism (Bernd Hamm, University
of Trier, Germany in writing, ca. 8.000 words) The Bushgang

10. History of Bush Family, Skull and Bones , Oil, Carlyle etc.
(Sam Smith, founder and editor of Progressive Review, Washington
DC, USA proposed timeline, still unclear)

11. Actual Bush-government; Jeb in Fla., 2000 election, Bushgang,
Sponsors (Michael Rectenwald, founder and chair, Citizes for
Legitimate Government, Fountain Hills AZ, USA paper promised but
nothing here yet)

12. Open questions around 9-11 (Walter E. Davis, Professor, Kent
State University, Kent OH, USA draft ok, 6.699 words, paper
promised end oct)

13. Bushocracy and the Triumph of the Media Gang Bang (Danny
Schechter, journalist, TV producer and director, executive editor
of Media Channel, New York NY, USA paper ok, 4.537 words)

14.  Wars of Terror (Noam Chomsky, prof of linguistics, MIT
permission requested, 5.315 words)

15. War Hawks and the Ugly American: Origins of Bush's Policy to
Regime Change (Andrew Austin, Professor of Social Change and
Development, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, USA paper ok,
revision end oct, 10.045 words)

The (neo-liberal) destruction of American society

16. How Has American Life Changed Since September 11? (Wendell
Bell, Professor em. of sociology, Yale University, New Haven CT,
USA paper ok, already published, 4.648 words)

17. New McCarthyisms (David Cole, Professor of law, Georgetown
University, Washington DC, USA paper publisged elsewhere,
revised; 14.672 words)

18. Enron, WorldCom, Arthur Anderson etc. (Ted Nace, researcher
for the Environmental Defense Fund, founder of Peachpit Press,
author of Gangs of America: The Rise of Corporate Power and the
Disabling of Democracy, 2003 paper promised, no reaction since

19. Arms industries, Military-industrial complex (William
Hartung, Professor of economics, New School of Social Research,
New York NY, USA paper ok, 2.524 words)

20. Power Pirates (Greg Palast, journalist, author of The Best
Democracy Money can Buy, New York NJ, USA permission to reprint
requested, 7.100 words)

21. Working poor, inequality, polarization; The rich, gated
communities (Heather Boushey paper promised)

22. Deterioration of the education system (Luciana Bohne,
Professor of English literature, Edinboro University, Edinboro
PN, USA abstract ok)

The Other America

23. Dissenting Groups and Movements (Laurel Phoenix, Professor of
Public and Environmental Affairs, University of Wisconsin, Green
Bay, USA, paper promised)