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28 Oct 2003


It's a semi-secret joint US-Israel Operation

MID-EAST REALITIES - MER - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 
28 October 2003:   

The US has now secretly cooperated more than ever with the Sharon
regime in Israel to prepare for an attack which if successful
will destroy Iranian facilities that could be used to produce
nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. The
justification model is of course Israel's attack on Osirak near
Baghdad 22 years ago.  Possibly to take place at the same time
the Americans are preparing to attack North Korean nuclear
facilities.   This is the real military pressure that is now
being ratcheted up on both countries to quite literally attempt
to force them to change course.  This was the reason senior
European Foreign Ministers recently rushed to Tehran.   But after
watching what the US has now done to Iraq -- a country that in
fact did succumb and change course only to find itself  'regime
changed' and occupied by the Americans -- this historic cat and
mouse game may not work quite so easily as it has before for
Washington.  Moreover there are other players much more
intimately involved now -- Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia...with
China as well as Russia watching every so closely and a whole
world more skeptical of the Americans, as well as the Israelis,
than ever.   Moreover as well the Americans are already
overextended -- both militarily and fiancially -- in Iraq which
raises the spectre of American as well as Israeli threats, and
possible use this time, of tactical nuclear weapons should the
going get rough and any country attempt to fight back against the
modern-day crusading Empire now armed with the doctrine of
pre-emption and a Judeo-Christian zealotry.

Oh yes, about National Security Adviser Condi Rice.  Like her
predecessor Henry Kissinger, she wants to become Secretary of
State in a second term.  Unlike Henry Kissinger, Rice was born in
the USA and the notion of becoming the first woman as well as the
first black President is irresistable; especially if she could
run against Hillary in 2008!


US Harpoon missiles armed with nuclear warheads are now aimed by
Israeli's fleet of Dolphin-class submarines against Iran's
nuclear facilities.   Following September's exclusive report in
American Free Press about Israel's submarine nuclear attack
capability, over 100 Harpoon cruise missiles have been secretly
flown to the remote island of Diego Garcia, a joint UK-US base in
the Indian Ocean.

The three Israeli submarines which arrived at the base early this
month were each loaded with 24 Harpoon missiles.  They then set
sail for the Gulf of Oman - bringing Iran's nuclear facilities
all within range of their submarines' multi-payloads.

The decision to launch them is entirely in the hands of Israel's
prime minister, Ariel Sharon. Just as he gave Washington only a
short warning he was going to attack an alleged terrorist camp
deep inside Syria, Sharon has made it clear to Washington that
the same rule of engagement will apply if it comes to launching
the Harpoon missiles.

Sharon made his position clear in a telephone call to President
Bush the day after the attack on Syria.    According to one
Israeli source, Bush said he "just wanted to be kept informed".

Credible intelligence sources say the reality is that Sharon
believes he would have the support of Bush if he did launch an
attack. But an indication of the deepening concern that some
members of the Bush Administration now feel, is that national
security advisor Condoleezza Rice last weekend allowed one of her
senior aides to confirm our September report to the Los Angeles
Times and London's Guardian newspaper.

Both drew heavily on the original American Free Press story. The
senior Pentagon and State department sources for our first story,
about Israel's Dolphin class submarines, have told us exclusively
that, in the words of one high-level Pentagon source, "matters
have now advanced considerably and for the first time Rice is
sounding alarm bells in the Oval Office".

Rice's decision to leak is also the first clear indication of her
concerns over Israel - as well as her own direct challenge to the
authority of Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld.

She is now engaged in an internal power struggle with Rumsfeld -
and has chosen to use what she sees as his failure in the Middle
East to harness Sharon's behaviour as her launch pad to have the
Secretary of State ousted.

"Rice has a long-term strategy to become Secretary of State.
While Rumsfeld is no supporter of Powell, he knows that having
Rice in charge of State would give her more power than she even
has now. And there is also the ultimate ambition for Condi, to be
Bush's running mate, if not in this election, then in the one
afterwards. Her own inner circle say that she would relish a
face-off with Hillary Clinton in 2008. If Condi became
vice-President, then she is but a step away from becoming the
first Black woman in the White House. That is what is driving
her," said a senior Washington analyst.

Meantime, Rice's concerns have deepened following Sharon's stark
warning last Sunday that "states harbouring terrorists are
legitimate targets".    Aides in Tel Aviv have confirmed to
American Free Press that "Iran and Syria are top of that list -
with Iran in the top spot". The revelation comes at a time of
rapidly escalating tensions in the region.

Israel's senior Foreign Ministry spokesman, Gideon Meir, insisted
"any country that harbours a threat to Israel is a legitimate
target for us out of self-defence".  Today, American Free Press
can reveal, again for the first time, that a team of US computer
specialists flew to Diego Garcia to fit the latest version of the
software known as "over the horizon". This would allow a Harpoon
missile to hit any of Iran's nuclear establishments with
pin-point accuracy.

Originally developed by Inslaw, the Washington based specialist
computer software company, the "over the horizon" capability has
been enhanced to handle the sophisticated electronics of the
Harpoon missiles. In the meantime, Sharon has ordered Mossad to
put together a specialist team to prepare.       by  Gordon
Thomas -  27 October 2003

P.S.  MER exclusively reported nearly three years ago now that
the Israelis had received new conventionally-powered submarines,
made and financed in Germany in fact, which they were planning to
fit with nuclear-tipped missiles despite earlier assurances given
the Germans they would not do so; and that Israel also has an
extensive  super-secret biological and chemical weapons program.

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