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Richard Moore

From: "Chris Shaw" 
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Subject: RE: More media indicators of coup...
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 08:47:37 -0700

Hard to be sure, overall, but I have some ardent Bush/war
supporters in my extended family in Ohio.  They still seem to
support the insanity, but have drifted over into mysticism in
their approach, sort of a Crusader mentality that you wrote
about earlier.  They have taken to sending out imaginary
passages from the Koran that purport to justify the American
invasion.  It's all a bit weird and sort of disturbing.

Christopher A. Shaw, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Research Pavilion
Vancouver, British Columbia


Dear Chris,

Thanks for the research. I wonder how typical that attitude is?

What seems to be going on there is a fierce denial impelled by
a deep commitment to what we might call the Bush Cult.

After Clinton and Monica, Bush is viewed by fundamentalists
generally as a savior and hero. Through him they feel
empowered against what they perceive as the liberal media and
the liberal attack on American values. He tells them what they
want to hear as effectively as Hitler told the Nazis what they
wanted to hear, appealing similarly to atavistic sentiments.
Bush lacks the Fuhrer's eloquence, but his lack of
intellectualism and political correctness are seen as major
virtues, and provide anchors for leader-identification. All of
those Operation Mind Control experiments with cults have 
been paying off.

If Bush were to be brought down by what is perceived to be a
liberal coup, that would lead to a very divisive aftermath,
and perhaps a counter-reaction. Col. Donn de Grand-Pre
emphasized explicitly that military tribunals will be the main
stage show, and I believe that reflects sensitivity to this
potential divisiveness. Distinguished veteran generals will be
able to project a very respectable conservatism, and will
succeed as cult deprogrammers hugely better than any
sanctimonious Senate committee ever could. If the tribunals
emphasize a return to respect for the Bill of Rights, from a
conservative position, then the whole affair could be
immensely healing for the nation.

What it might mean for foreign policy is a more problematic to

all the best,

From: Tony
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Subject: Re: More media indicators of coup...
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 18:23:57 +0100

Dear Richard, 

I see that the retired generals Hoar and Zinni have both been
on major UK news programmes in the last week.

Last night Zinni didn't argue when the interviewer (Paxman on
BBC2's 'Newsnight') put it to him that 'Rumsfeld would have to

It is interesting that even Conservative leader Michael Howard
is publicly stating that Blair should distance himself from
Bush, and it appears this week that Blair HAS shown some
difference with Bush over the "handover" on 30th June.

Are the rats lining up to jump the sinking ship?

Will the public obligingly fall into line behind the next lot
of leaders, or will they begin to think 'hang on a minute....
where's the democracy? The emperor is naked, his pants is
down, his arse is in the air, and he's shitting on main



Hi Tony, 

I saw Blair last night on BBC. As usual, he's trying to be on
both sides of the fence at once. He and Bush are quite a pair.
Each is abysmal at trying to hide their lies,  each does
nothing but lie, but their styles are at opposite ends of the
spectrum. The odd couple. I saw a little pastiche spoof on BBC
a while back where the split screen video showed Bush and
Blair facing one another, and the soundtrack was a love song,
with Blair wooing Bush. It was downloaded off the net.

That "hand over" has got to be one of the biggest jokes of all
time. Who's kidding whom? It's very reminiscent of the various
failed attempts at "Vietnamization". As then, the logic
revolves around the fantasy that Uncle Sam is in the role of
liberator. And as then, the pretense is for public consumption
only. Except this time the emperor's clothes are not fooling
enough people to carry the day.

The rats are indeed leaving the ship, and Chalabi is the
convenient chain to the wharf.

I think the public will go along with the coup, if I've
understood correctly what the coup will be like. The crimes
that will be exposed will scare the bejeesis out of everyone
(eg, 9/11), and the tribunal will be welcomed in the same way
the British sailor is welcomed at the end of "Lord of the
Flies". If I recall, that savior appeared just as divisiveness
was reaching a climax. (Quite a few parallels there.)

I don't think people in general are anywhere near ready to
think in terms of "leaders are bad" or "democracy is a farce".
Nearly everyone, including progressive intellectuals, believes
that reforming our electoral systems is a good thing. And
nearly everyone, for some reason or another, yearns for
beneficent leadership. Civilization has infantalized us, and
the most advanced populations are the most infantile. The
State has become deeply identified with Daddy, and we whine
for our share and our rights, like puppies.


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From: G
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 10:38:27 EDT
Subject: Re: More media indicators of coup...
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    rkm > Here in Ireland it's difficult to judge American public
      opinion. Has anyone noticed any shifts among ardent Bush


If I was you stay were you are

Alas, since a year stupid FoxNews not available in Holland but
Ireland still has it because if you  want to know the USA
conventional feeling it's enough to follow them

If these hystericals change   then Bush is lost  !



They do seem to be changing, and I do believe I'll be staying
here. But I must also visit the belly of the beast


Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 12:19:29 -0500
Subject: Re: More media indicators of coup...
From: Frank
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The following was just forwarded to me.  I don't think "the
long hard slog" scenario would capture popular support, but
another massive "attack" might get this passed.

It is also not my suggestion that we "contact our
representatives" because they don't care!

On another note, on May 5th I was arrested in Platteville, WI
along Bush's motorcade route for holding up a sign that read:
FUGW.  I was handcuffed, finger printed, photographed and
ticketed for disorderly conduct.

Yesterday, the city attorney woke up to the fact that he had
an unprosecutable case, and moved to dismiss.

This is just to give you a sense of the authoritarianism
that's creeping through the land.  Ugly times ahead.

Frank Van den Bosch

Subject: The Draft will Start in June 2005 - Pending
Draft Legislation 
Targeted for Spring 2005



Dear Frank,

Obviously if there is a coup that will cause a re-evaluation
of any draft initiative. If the coupsters are going to curtail
the PNAC agenda, then one might expect to see no need for a
draft. On the other hand, even if they drop the bigger PNAC
objectives, they might still want to increase troop levels in
Iraq and Afghanistan to high enough levels to enable them to
establish some kind of civil order. That would be the
old-fashioned expensive colonial approach, and it might
require a draft. The draft could be a bellwether issue as
regards the thrust of the new agenda.

thanks for your comments,