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I've been working on the next chapter, and just today I began a 
paragraph this way:

      We are now in the midst of an extremely volatile and unstable
      moment in history. It is a chaotic instability, where many
      different kinds of developments are likely to lead to
      unpredictable and far-reaching consequences. ...

And then, speak of the devil, the following article came in.

I'm sure most of you are pretty up to speed on global warming,
but this article is a particularly good summary. There are
things in here I haven't seen before, but the parts I know
about from other sources seem to be accurate. In his comments
about the Ross ice shelf, he suggests a scenario of sea level
rising by sixteen to twenty feet. What he doesn't mention is
that such a rise would not be incremental. If there's that
much mass in the Ross ice shelf, and it slides into the ocean,
then I'd expect waves like mountains, of biblical (or sci-fi)
proportions. I'm not sure what this implies in terms of
relocating oneself...


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July 19, 2004     

Dry/Ice: Global Warming Revealed

by Drunvalo Melchizedek

What you are about to read is going to change your world
forever, this I can promise you. I actually apologize that I
have to be the one who brings this unsettling news, but you
must know if you wish to survive, for what is coming will
either be DRY and heat or ICE and freezing.

Global warming has been in the news for over 40 years, and by
this time we have become complacent. Our scientists have come
to the agreement that global warming will eventually cause
major changes and problems in the world, but in their way of
thinking it will be 50 to 100 years before we will actually
have to deal with the effects.

The general idea is that global warming will be slow and the
world will find time to discover the solutions to the

New powerful evidence strongly suggests that this scenario is
simply wrong, and we had better prepare for another more
abrupt possibility. 


One of the first hints that something may be different than
what we are being told (especially here in the US) was
published in Discover magazine in September 2002 with the
cover announcing "Global Warming Surprise, A New Ice Age",
"Oceanographers have discovered a huge river of fresh water in
the Atlantic formed by melting polar ice. They warn it could
soon bury the Gulf Stream, plunging North America and Europe
into frigid winters."

That was almost two years ago, and no one listened. Life goes
on oblivious to the incredible danger approaching.


Then in January 2004 enter Sir David King. Sir King is the
Prime Minister of England's chief scientist. Sir King went to
Mr. Blair and told him of the impending worldwide disaster and
that they needed to tell the world of what was about to

Tony Blair told Sir David King to be quiet and not speak. But
Sir King felt that this was simply too important for him to
say nothing, so in January of this year he deliberately went
around Mr. Blair and went straight to the American journal
Science where he published his information and concern.

Sir King said in this article, "In my view, climate change is
the most severe problem we are facing today, more serious even
than the threat of terrorism."

England placed a gag order on Sir David King, and now he is
not even allowed to discuss this subject publicly without
threat of detention.


A month later in February 2004, the Pentagon became involved,
which has stirred the world to action.

The Pentagon has been studying Global Warming for many years
because of its possible national security problems associated
with the kind of changes that could present themselves to the
world through Global Warming.

A special study was conducted through one of the Pentagon's
departments, the Office of Net Assessment, which is directed
by Andrew W. Marshall, 83, who has the responsibility of
identifying long-term threats to the United States.

Mr. Marshall went to a US based think-tank called Global
Business Network to compile the possibilities of Global
Warming on US national security. A study was completed in
October of 2003 and released to the Pentagon, which was
looking at this problem from the point of view of what is the
worst that could happen. It was named "An Abrupt Climate
Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States
National Security." The summary went far beyond what most
Pentagon experts had expected.

Realizing the incredible possibilities of this study, Mr.
Marshall made a decision to publicly report this and other
information to the American people. And probably because of
President Bush's stance on Global Warming, which is beyond
negative, he also decided to go around the president, and he
published his information and concern in Fortune magazine on
February 9th 2004.

In his article in Fortune, Mr. Marshall explains how the
melting North and South poles and glaciers from around the
world are composed of fresh water and within this fact is the
basis of the impending global weather disaster.

The Gulf Stream or scientifically referred to as North
Atlantic thermohaline conveyor is a stream of warm water that
comes from south of the equator and flows over the surface of
the ocean toward the north where this warm water keeps
Northern America and Northern and Western Europe from
freezing. It also holds most of the world's weather patterns
in the way we are used to.

Then as this Gulf Stream cools down, it drops to the bottom of
the ocean and returns as a river in the ocean to the south
where it warms up again and rises to the surface and then
returns to the north one more time in a continuous convection
current. It is a huge three dimensional figure eight.

The motor that keep this warm water flowing is found in the
north where the Gulf Stream drops to the bottom of the ocean.
It is the salt density of the ocean that causes this river to
drop and pulls the warm water up from the south.

Now that the poles are melting and fresh water is flowing into
the Atlantic Ocean and the salt density is decreasing, the
Gulf Stream does not drop quiet as far, which results in a
slowing down of this Stream. The Gulf Stream has been
dramatically slowing down now for at least ten years.

As the Gulf Stream slows down, the warmth is not brought to
the North Atlantic region, and the weather patterns begin to
change for they are dependent on this warmth to keep a


The Bush Administration

During the Bush administration when discussions have been held
on the melting of the North & South Poles, this government and
US corporate entities alike have stated that the world's
scientists are all wrong on their conclusions that say there
is great danger, and have led the American public to believe
there is no real problem at all.

However, George W. Bush was the focus of attack by Sir David
King when he wrote his article in Science, for the world's
greatest scientific minds, at least one thousand seven hundred
of them with the Union of Concerned Scientists say that Mr.
Bush is ill informed at the least.

Since the US government is 25% of the CO2 pollution in the
world that is creating Global Warming, a discussion of Mr.
Bush's Global Warming policies is paramount. Perhaps one of
the best articles that summaries Mr. Bush's position will be
found in the ROLLING STONES magazine article of May 19, 2004
by Tim Dickinson. What follows in italics is a portion of this

Given the imminent threat from global warming, even the Bush
administration might be expected to launch a War on Heat.
After all, as a candidate in 2000, George W. Bush vowed to
"establish mandatory reduction targets" for carbon-dioxide
emissions, saying he would make the issue a top priority.

Once Bush became president, however, reducing carbon emissions
was the first promise he broke -- and his record has been all
downhill from there. Only two months after taking office, the
administration withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol, the global
treaty that the United States signed in 1997 to set strict
limits on greenhouse emissions. Instead, Bush instituted a
voluntary emissions plan that has been an abject failure: So
far, only fourteen companies have pledged to curb their CO2

The president also folded the interagency group that monitors
climate change into the Commerce Department -- led by
Secretary Don Evans, a former oil and gas executive. And he
called for additional climate research that would delay any
meaningful regulation for at least another decade. "We do not
know how much our climate could or will change in the future,"
Bush declared in a speech in the Rose Garden. Such statements
spurred an open letter signed by twenty Nobel laureates, who
blasted the administration for having "consistently sought to
undermine" public understanding of man's role in global
warming. (Bush's science adviser refused to be interviewed for
this article.)

Then the censorship began. In September 2002, the
Environmental Protection Agency released an air-quality report
that - for the first time since 1996 - included no mention of
global warming. Seven months later, the White House made
wholesale revisions to the climate-change chapter of the EPA's
"Report on the Environment," playing down human influence,
deleting references to the health impacts of global warming
and inserting climate data funded in part by the American
Petroleum Institute. The EPA withdrew the altered chapter,
acknowledging in an internal memo that it "no longer
accurately represents scientific consensus on climate change."

Even some Republicans have been astounded at Bush's meddling
in EPA affairs. "What seems constantly evident with George W.
Bush is that EPA is expected to take its marching orders from
the White House on regulatory matters," says Russell Train,
who headed the agency under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.
"During my time, I never had that happen. Never." Train, a
recipient of a Presidential Medal of Freedom from the elder
Bush, calls the administration's approach to global warming
"totally wrong" and "irresponsible."

Bush can rely on key Republicans in Congress to block any
efforts to curb pollution and stave off disaster. Sen. James
Inhofe, chairman of the Environment and Public Works
Committee, dismisses global warming as a "hoax." In a speech
last July, Inhofe compared the IPCC to the Soviets and
extolled the virtues of what he called a "CO2-enhanced" world.
"It is my fervent hope," he concluded, "that Congress will
reject the prophets of doom who peddle propaganda masquerading
as science in the name of saving the planet from catastrophic

From another point of view in the same article we hear: "They
(the Bush Administration) do not have a credible plan, either
domestically or internationally, for addressing the problem
(Global Warming), says Michael Oppenheimer, a climatologist at
Princeton University. They (the Bush Administration) argue
that they don't want to address global warming, he says,
'because the science is shaky'. And that approach is
indefensible, because the science isn't shaky."

The North Pole Melting

Let's look at the facts. Two summers ago the North Pole
completely melted for the first time in history that we know
of. Both private and military ships floated directly over the
actual North Pole as it was completely water. This area has
never been seen to be less then ten feet of solid ice.

Greenpeace a few years ago announced that the North Pole's
winter to summer snow pack had receded by around three hundred
miles, but no one listened.

And today, as I am writing this article, we are witnessing the
Alaska fire that has consumed over one million acres of
forest. This fire is burning in an area that is always wet
with rain or snow until now. And this fire, as you will
understand in this article is directly related to the melting
of the poles and the Gulf Stream.

But finally the Pentagon, thanks to Andrew Marshall, has told
the truth in the Fortune magazine on February 9th. The
Pentagon shows a satellite photo of the North Pole in 1970 and
then in 2003, which reveals that, according to the Pentagon,
40% of the North Pole has melted in just 33 years. And it is
melting faster and faster now. The Pentagon has now proven
that all these government statements that the poles are not
melting were simply a lie. And it is a lie more damaging than
anything that Bush's Iraq war could possibly throw at the
United States.

The South Pole Melting

In the South Pole a couple of years ago Larsen A ledge broke
off, which surprised many scientists. At that time we were
told by the scientific personnel that were studying this event
that it was no big deal since this ice ledge had only been
connected to the South Pole for about the last ten thousand

And these same scientists also added that Larsen B ledge that
was behind Larsen A ledge would never melt as it has been
there for many ice ages. Yet last year, Larsen's B ledge broke
off and went to sea. These same scientists said that it would
take six months to melt because of its immense size, but again
they were wrong. It melted in a mere 35 days, and more
significant, it rose the entire world's oceans by almost an

Now with Larsen's B ledge gone, an incredibly enormous ice
shelf called Ross's Shelf is exposed and the only thing
holding Ross's Shelf from sliding into the ocean was Larsen's
B ledge. According to my sources, Ross's Shelf is now

If Ross's Shelf were to slide into the ocean, it has been
estimated that it would raise the entire world's oceans by
sixteen to twenty feet. And that, my friends, would change the
world, as almost every coastal city in the world and many
islands along with the county of Holland would be underwater.
Perhaps it will take an event like this to wake up the world
to become serious about Global Warming.


1300 AD

The Pentagon in their study of what is now happening in the
North Atlantic ocean, has looked into the past to see when
this slowing down or stoppage of the Gulf Stream has happened
before and what actually took place at those time in the
world's weather patterns.

In actual fact, this North Atlantic ocean slowing or stoppage
has happen hundreds of times before in the past going back
hundred of millions years, but in our recent past of the last
10,000 years, it has only happened twice.

The most recent time was in the year 1300 AD, and at that time
it simply slowed down. It never actually stopped. And why it
slowed down, scientists are at the moment theorizing. They
don't really know why.

It resulted in abrupt global climatic weather changes that
never returned to normal for 550 years. This period of time in
our history has been named the "Little Ice Age" because of the
havoc it caused to our weather and the dramatic cooling that

What the Pentagon has realized is that at that time of the
"Little Ice Age", the East Coast of America became extremely
cold, while the middle and Western areas of the United States
became so dry that the Midwest became a dust bowl and the
mountain forests burned to the ground, just as they are doing
right now today, for you see, this slowing down of the Gulf
Stream has been going on today for about ten years. It also
affected Europe dramatically as their weather changed
completely during the "Little Ice Age".

A study of the Anasazi Indians of the 14th century is
enlightening. In Chaco Canyon in New Mexico the Anasazi
completely disappeared, and where they went no one is sure.
But one of the reasons that has emerged from the study of the
New Mexico environment for their leaving the area is that soon
after the turn of the 14th century, Chaco Canyon went into a
drought where they didn't receive a drop of rain for 47 years!
47 years of drought will definitely cause anyone to move. No
water, no life.

The archeologists who presented this study didn't know why the
drought happened, but it is clear why it happened with the
information of the Gulf Stream slowing down just before this
period. And this is exactly what the Pentagon believes is
about to happen here in America, Canada and Europe as we

We may think that this current drought in the US West is going
to stop soon, but the earth's history with the Gulf Stream
suggests strongly that it will continue for about another 40
years before it begin to regain balance.

8200 Years Ago

However, the Pentagon report believes that the Gulf Stream,
from everything they know, is not just going to slow down, but
rather it is going to stop. And the last time this happened
was 8200 years ago.

And according to the Pentagon, from their research, this is a
much more dramatic scenario. When the Gulf Stream stopped 8200
years ago, it soon left Northern Europe under a half mile of
ice, and New York and England quickly endured weather similar
to Siberia.

Further it resulted in a true "Ice Age" that lasted about 100
years, and so you can see why the Pentagon is so worried.
According to Andrew Marshall, like Sir David King, he says
that this Gulf Stream problem is a greater threat to US
national security (and other countries') than all of the
world's combined terrorism. Really, when you think about it,
terrorism is nothing compared to the stopping of the Gulf
Stream. It's not even close.

Realize that without stable weather conditions, the growing of
food becomes almost impossible, and according to the Pentagon,
this could become such a huge problem for the world in the
near future, that wars will begin to form all over the world,
not for oil or energy, but for food and water.

And with whole countries having to evacuate, if this were to
happen, such as Finland, Sweden and Denmark, which will be
under ice, and many other countries for other reasons, this
enormous immigration is what will cause the most threat to
national security, again according to the Pentagon report.

This is why Andrew Marshall and Sir David King wanted the
world to know about what was coming so that the world could
begin to prepare for the inevitable.


Then in March 2004 the US Senate became aware of what the
Pentagon was saying and they appropriated 60 million dollars
to the study of ABRUPT GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGES. This offers
hope that soon the US Senate will begin to tell the world of
these coming climate changes.


In June 2004, ending on June 29th, a meeting was held at the
United Nations to consider what to do about Global Warming and
the Gulf Stream. 154 countries participated with the result
that the only thing they could figure out what to do was to
eliminate the use of oil and gasoline as soon as possible.

There are those who believe that if we continue to lower the
CO2 levels, that possibly we can slow down the problems, and,
of course, we must do everything we can. This is important for
there are ocean currents other that the North Atlantic that
are in every ocean, and if they all were to stop or slow down,
Earth would all most certainly enter a true ice age. And
history has shown that if that were to happen, our
civilization would not return to a warm period again for
90,000 years.

But really, to change or increase the current of the entire
Atlantic ocean to bring it back to "normal" is beyond the
possibilities of the human race and all of it's technologies.
It is too late, by the estimate of most of the world's
scientists, to alter the course of what is about to happen.
All we can do now is prepare for the shock. And preparation is
essential, which is the main message of both Sir David King
and Andrew Marshall.


On July 13th, 2004, NASA launched a satellite, the first of
three, that's whole purpose is to study Global Warming.
Besides the study of the ozone, another huge problem
associated with Global Warming, these satellites will monitor
the temperature and salt density of the oceans. Perhaps we
will at least be able to monitor the rapid changes and predict
what will happen next.


In March 2004 the world saw a major hurricane hit the coast of
Brazil. This is the first time in all recorded history that a
hurricane has struck land in South America.

In May 2004, the United States witnessed 562 tornadoes in a
single month, breaking all records. A few of these tornadoes
were recorded in Seattle, Washington. Never has a tornado been
seen in Seattle.

Eastern Canada in the winter of 2003/2004 just had one of the
coldest winters on record.

For several years forest fires have been burning around the
world. The list would be extensive. The north part of
Australia is on fire. Alaska, as we have already mentioned, is
burning. Unprecedented! The entire Western United States is
under fire, jumping from region to region, with the US
government announcing that this is the worse drought in 500
years. Really, the fires are worldwide.

France and Europe had a heat wave in 2003 that caused 15,000
people to die in France and 30,000 through-out Europe simply
from the intense heat caused by Global Warming and the Gulf

Argentina this month July 2004, had the greatest storm they
have ever seen in their history.

Mexico's weather is so strange and wet in some regions that
mold/fungus is forming on their crops. (And in other regions
they are having a drought) As weather patterns begin to change
more and more radically, food growth will become one of our
biggest problems.

The coral reefs of the world are dying because of Global
Warming, and this is threatening most of the islands in the
oceans, including those in the Pacific. Anyone living on most
islands will probably have to leave sooner or later because of
their fresh water being corrupted with salt ocean water.
Definitely they will have to leave if the oceans rise much

Further, it was reported on NPR this morning, July 16, 2004,
that fifty percent of the CO2 that has been released in the
atmosphere from our technological society has ended up in our
oceans and this in turn is dropping the PH to the acidic. This
in turn is actually dissolving the coral reefs and killing
them along with vast numbers of other life forms in the

These are problems simply off the top of my head. If one were
to get serious and really research all the strange weather
problems of the last ten years (the years the Gulf Stream
slowed down) one would begin to be truly aware of the coming
abrupt global climate weather changes that we must all adapt
to if humanity is to continue on Earth.


In the Pentagon report it suggests that the United States
build a 40-foot wall around the entire country to keep out
people who are immigrating and trying to escape world weather
problems. The Pentagon believes that food and water will be
the biggest problem, and since the US has the money to buy
food, they believe we will be best able to resist this
particular problem longer than most countries. People will
want to come here just to get food.

This sounds like something out of a weird movie, but in fact
the US government has already begun the construction of this
wall between the US and Mexico.

SIDE NOTE: Speaking of movies, The Day After Tomorrow, which
was recently released is based on this information of the Gulf
Stream stopping. However, Hollywood exaggerated the results of
the storms so much that most people simply thought it was
fantasy. It is not fantasy, it is really happening, but will
it happen as this movie predicts? And in this movie you saw
massive amount of Americans fleeing to Mexico to escape the
extreme cold weather.

I just spoke with a US military person about two weeks ago who
is involved in the construction of this 40-foot wall. In the
discussion, with him about the Gulf Stream, which he was
unaware of, he said, "Oh, now I understand. You see, the wall
is straight up and down on the Mexican side, but it has steps
and ladders on the US side to get over the wall and into
Mexico. I never could understand why the government was doing


In the Pentagon report they said that they believed that the
stoppage of the Gulf Stream would probably happen in three to
five years from October 2003. This was their best guess, and
admittedly it was only a guess and a theory.

But what they didn't know, because it was beginning at the
actual time of their release of their report, was that the
Gulf Stream was beginning to change shape. The change of shape
of the Gulf Stream is the beginning of the breakdown and
stoppage of this warm water current and the end of our
civilization as we know it.

I have this information from two sources, both of which do not
wish to be named right now, but both of them are world famous

If this is true, then all the effects and timing of the
Pentagon report have to be shifted closer to the present by
three to five years.

I don't know if this is true, but in the vein of holding
nothing back, this info is placed in this article. The actual
proof will follow if it will be given to me.


As I became aware of this information, I didn't know what to
do or if I should write this article. But because I believe in
and love humanity, I finally realized, like Sir David King and
Andrew Marshall, that I must speak out, for knowledge is

And when the time comes for us all to make life decisions, my
prayer is that we all go inside where God resides and listen
to our inner Heart. If we trust in ourselves and the presence
of Divine Guidance, we will all know exactly what to do and
where to be.

May God bless us all in what is about to come.


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