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Richard Moore

If Fitzgerald is the tortoise and Bush the hare, let's hope Aesop was right...

        "Today the Court of Appeals affirmed that reporters do not
         have a First Amendment privilege to refuse to comply with a
         grand jury subpoena issued in good faith.  The Court was
         clear that this has been the law since the Supreme Court
         decided the Branzburg case in 1972.  All three members of
         the Court also agreed that, even if a qualified privilege
         exists, the government has shown critical need for the
         reporters to comply with the subpoenas in this case.  We
         look forward to resuming our progress in this investigation
         and bringing it to a prompt conclusion."
         -  Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald, February 15, 2006

A summary of the case from the National Journal:;article=98528;title=APFN