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Richard Moore


I am very pleased to share with you this response from a
reader of Escaping the Matrix. In my heart of hearts I have
been hoping that the book might inspire some readers in this
way, but I find myself a bit amazed that it can really
happen. I hope this posting will begin a transformation in
our list dialog, toward a focus on actually moving forward
with harmonization and community empowerment. Newslog will
continue to report on world events, with summaries posted

My apologies for the previous posting, confusing Feb 2005
with Feb 2006. It seems Fitzgerald's hearings are even more
tortoise-like than I thought, though there is still some
light in that tunnel

best regards to all,

Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 20:50:34 +1100
To: Richard Moore <•••@••.•••>
From: Bradley Hughes
Subject: from personal transformation to global
          transformation for humanity

Dear Richard,

Greetings to you there in possibly :-) sunny Wexford!

To everyone I have BCC'd in this email, you are my dear and
trusted friends in the journey, and it is my profound honour
and privilege to be walking it with you. 

I invite you all to visit Richard's web site (some of you have already) and
order his books "Escaping The Matrix" and "The Zen of Global
Transformation" so that we can all be on the same page in
the dialogue. :-)

I believe this is the most important communication I have
written to date.  That is because I conclude with a definite
declaration of who I am being in the world, in fulfilling my
part in being cause of the matter of the transformation of

I invite each of you to contribute your precious and much
appreciated time to read it and reply with your guidance and

I request of you all that you never allow me to believe that
I have all the answers, and never be afraid to share with me
when you have something to contribute, or to tell me when
you believe I have got the wrong end of the stick.

     At 07:53 31/01/2006, you wrote:
     Dear Bradley,
     I'm sending out both books tomorrow. Thanks for your

The books arrived four days ago.  Thank you.

They were so worth the wait.  Indeed the timing of their
arrival is completely synchronous with my preparedness to
read them and respond to your message.

It's uncanny that you should have written that to me on my
35th birthday.  I have had in mind for some years that I
would finally see my life's purpose clearly at this age, and
so it has come to pass.

I have just completed reading your book "Escaping The
Matrix".  I was jumping with excitement when I saw this book
and its title.  I was only expecting "The Zen of Global

Never have the words of Morpheus from the film "The Matrix"
(my favourite film) held such great import for me.

   "I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you're
   here. You're here because you know something. What you know,
   you can't explain. But you feel it. You felt it your entire
   life. That there's something wrong with the world. You don't
   know what it is, but it's there. Like a splinter in your
   mind -- driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought
   you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?"

Your book "Escaping The Matrix" has completed a process of
enquiry and synthesis of information that began when I was
three years old (something happened and I realised that
there was something wrong in the world) and with certain
catalysts along the way, such as reading Frank Herbert's
Dune at the age of 12, has had me immersed in a seemingly
unquenchable thirst for more knowledge, input, a desire to
understand secrets, investigating "The Holy Blood and The
Holy Grail", Freemasons, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones,
glimpsing the edifices, facades, and masks of control, etc.
etc. etc. etc.

Now that I see the threads all woven together into a
splendid tapestry of hope and promise of what is possible
for the future of humanity, I am now in a place of peace
from which I can find and step into my centre, my power,
hara, dan tien, the source, whatever label works, from which
infinite openings for action are now available.

I was an alcoholic for 13 years from age 18 to 31.  Upon
getting sober I medicated with various anti-depressants, as
I was suffering anxiety and panic attacks.  I remember in
one early meeting of AA (a form of dynamic facilitation for
spiritual healing of alcohol addiction) a man in my AA group
concluded his talk by saying "All is well and as it should
be."  When I looked at the world, the evidence from TV news,
my own experience, I thought he was a deluded fool.  Now I
am exactly in that place where he was when he said those

To paraphrase something else I learned from AA, I have
reached that level of peace that surpasses all
understanding.  It is that space of certainty that
everything is unfolding exactly as it ought to be.

I believe that there exists a phenomena whereby if we are
being open to what is possible really is possible, we
receive what we require at precisely the moment in time when
it will make the greatest contribution.

So it is with your writings.

Your vision for the transformation of humanity has reached
me at the point in my life where I am ready to receive and
comprehend its potential sufficiently to know that I am
willing to be at cause in the matter of the transformation
of humanity starting with my own community.

The hole in my soul has been in the past being unable to
envision how this personal transformation can be transformed
into global transformation of humanity to create a world
that works for everyone.  That was my itch that I could not
scratch.  Your work has disappeared that itch, filled the
hole and illuminated the path before me.

I no longer need to know more and more, no longer need to
search endlessly for the mythical answer, the Holy Grail,
the final key that will unlock the cosmic mystery of what it
means to be human.  There is no mystery except the mystery
of why I continually feel compelled to discover what the
mystery is.  All there is to do is simply Be.  To Be a
practitioner of the Zen of Transformation is the answer I
have been seeking all these years.  Kensho.  A brief flash
of enlightenment.  Illumination.

I am presently a local government councillor in a corrupted
state with corrupted political structures.  I am a member of
the NSW Greens, which in my view is the least corrupted of
the national political parties in Australia.

Your body of work and vision offers people the window to see
inside the new realm of possibility and you also hold out to
us one of the keys that will unlock the door.

Harmonization, collaborative consensus with dynamic
facilitation, communities becoming self-aware and
self-empowered.  These are elements of the solution you
advocate and I see clearly the amazing, unpredictable,
positive impact that utilizing these elements will yield.

As you say, it may not look like what we speculate it might
look like, but knowing that there is a path and knowing how
to walk it is the Zen, the essence and if the means are
honourable, just, right, in service of humanity and true
then the end will be what the end will be and we shall know
that we are walking in the light.

Everything you have articulated brings together all of the
different threads of research and discovery, thinking and
envisioning that I myself have been slowly grinding away at
assimilating in the odd quiet moments between the demands of
being a local government councillor, working on my Internet
business (surviving in the Matrix) and coaching people in
Landmark Education's Introduction Leaders Programme. 

When I got to the Afterword and read your references to
Erhardt and EST, my growing suspicion throughout reading
your book that you are familiar with the personal
transformation technology of Landmark Education, or at least
its predecessor EST was confirmed.

I found myself marvelling at the parallels between your
suggested approach for communities and the work that
Landmark Education does to have individuals get personal
transformation and then see themselves as part of a
community rather than self as separate, then going on to
provide leadership in community projects of their own
design, resulting in their (hopefully) being at cause in the
matter of their own lives and their experience of their

Have you completed the Landmark Education Curriculum for

I am trained as an Introduction Leader with Landmark
Education, which is in my estimation one of the leading edge
organisations operating in the field of education for
personal transformation today.  I'm already a stand for
personal transformation as defined by Landmark Education.

I am presently the most effective Introduction Leader coach
in Landmark Education Sydney Centre's current Introduction
Leader's Programme in terms of coaching people to be
candidated as new Introduction Leaders.  3 from 6 in my
group are now candidated as Introduction Leaders, halfway
through the programme.  My group also has the highest ratio
of registrations per participant.

Therefore I know myself as a competent apprentice on the
road to mastering personal transformation, at least as it is
defined by Landmark Education.  Having said that, I am
conscious that there are as many valid paths to personal
transformation as there are personally transformative

One of my dearest friends keeps speaking to me that it is my
future to become a Landmark Forum Leader.  That is a
possible pathway for me and would be worthy of my life, as
it is being at cause of people getting personal
transformation.  But that role has not sung fully to my

Why not?

Because as you correctly point out, personal transformation
without social transformation cannot ultimately deliver a
world that works for everyone.  If it could everyone would
already be enlightened Buddha's and Christ's, as you also
point out.  Humanity has had this wisdom accessible for
millennia, but it has not transmitted, because the social
element of transformation has been absent.

I stand fully empowered where I am presently, to be willing
to declare myself your full partner, and the full partner of
all who walk our shared path, all those others who I know
are our partners, Rianne Eisler, Thom Hartmann, thousands of
others around the globe whom I am sure you are in
communication with.

Nothing less than global transformation of humanity is what
is wanted and needed if we are to have a world that worlds
for everyone.

As I wrote to a new friend a few days ago after commencing
reading your book in reply to her words:

       > "A very basic example: The choice to purchase battery hen
       eggs. What does this small choice say about our bigger
       approach to the treatment of animals? Do they deserve to
       have fresh air, natural light, the opportunity to move
       about, to grow in accordance with their own natural rhythm?
       What does the existence of this egg say about our culture?"

     The existence of this egg in our culture says to me that
     just as we are prepared to have battery hens, we are also
     prepared to have battery humans.  Again, The Matrix. 

     What are large CBD office towers full of cubicles with
     people surrounded by toxic off-gassing furniture, under
     artificial light all day, other than battery humans?  Pay
     people enough so they can afford their drugs of choice...
     alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, prescription
     pharmaceuticals, gambling, competitive (combatitive?) sports
     on their flat screen TV in their Life's Good air conditioned
     apartment, with soap operas, dramas, etc. all the soma to
     keep the battery humans passive...

     Not to mention the pacifying / stultifying effects on the
     mind of an assortment of soft metals fed to us in our food
     and water and implanted in our bodies, such as fluoride in
     our water, aluminium oxides in our deodorants, mercury in
     our amalgam fillings... it just goes on and on...

     The great news is that there are solutions to all of these
     dire situations.  Beginning with personal sharing to create
     awareness, such as I have had the privilege of sharing with
     you tonight, because from our initial meeting and
     conversation, I trust you and see you as someone who can
     grapple with these issues and see a positive path forward...

     Collaborative consensus achieved through dynamic
     facilitation at the local community level is where it

My friend replied:
     yep, you see it!

Yes I do, and so do many of us, in fact I believe everyone I
am sending this email to sees at least glimpses of it.
Certainly you have all at the very least seen various
glitches in the Matrix.

Collaborative consensus achieved through dynamic
facilitation at the local community level is a centrepiece
of the solution you offer and I know with every fibre of my
being that it is what will work.

Your mentioning of wholistic economics is another area where
a profound elevation (transformation) in human consciousness
is required.  Until people can see outside the Matrix, to
see the causative impacts of the current economic paradigm
with its failure to account for 'externalities', such as
lack of producer end responsibility, without all of the
systemic inputs that require inclusion in an economic model
in order to truly reflect the real costs and benefits of our
productive and consumptive behaviours, we will remain in a
delusional state while consuming far more resources than
necessary or sensible just to satisfy the elite's economic
imperative of growth at all costs.

Economic growth at all costs is actually a cancer or a
tumour and not only is cancer now the number one killer of
humans in western society, this form of economic cancer is
what is going to kill a sustainable future for humanity if
we do not address its root causes.  Just as nutritional
deficiencies and chemical pollutants are the cause of
cancers and tumours in humans, conceptual deficiencies and
memetic pollutants in the Matrix model of global economics
are the cause of the global cancer of unsustainable economic

I have also been impressed by the works of G. Edward Griffin
(who's taking a bold and courageous approach with Freedom
Force International).

Some friends (hi guys!) have established the first Chapter
of FFI in Australia and until about a week ago, I was fairly
certain I would join them as a member.

After reading a book called "EOS - The Journey of An
ExtraOrdinary Spirit" by Debra Wylde (web site coming soon)
I realised that transformation of humanity is about people
in communities caring for each other, extrapolated to a
global scale where there is no distance between me and any
other human on the planet.

And I now see that Mr Griffin's credo of individualism
against collectivism without compromise is not sufficient to
deliver the holistic sustainable democratic future that I
wish to create, to bring about a world that works for

There are as I see it some flaws in Mr Griffin's analyses of
the benefits of individualism and negatives of collectivism.
  For example, he appears to be adamant that collectives
should never run public utilities.  Perhaps I do not fully
follow his argument to a conclusion that presents a clear
solution that will work for everyone, but given what I have
read to date, his position is inconsistent with what I
believe is both desirable and necessary in the development
and operation of infrastructure and social systems to
support everyone's individual freedoms.

I believe that placing power generation and water supply
into the hands of some individuals but not others, or in the
control of a corporation rather than as a utility operated
by a democratically directed agency is a recipe for

After reading your book I am now 100% clear that I will not
join FFI.  I'm BCCing this email to two of those friends, so
that they can evaluate my thoughts and provide me with a
formal response on this matter from their Chapter of FFI.

I will also correspond with Mr Griffin to clear up my lack
of understanding on this and other points so that I can
properly represent what he is advocating.

I already know from Rianne Eisler's book "The Chalice and
The Blade" that humanity has a different history than what
most people believe and this led me to understand that we
could have a different future than what most people are
predicting.  "The Chalice and The Blade" was the most deeply
moving book I ever read before reading your "Escaping The
Matrix", which has moved me in a different way, to the point
of realization of my life's purpose, at least as I perceive
it at this time.

Thom Hartmann's book "The Last
Hours of Ancient Sunlight" was also a pivotal book in
determining my understanding of our collective post-carbon
energy future.

I have also been a fan of Buckminster Fuller and his work, particularly the books
"Critical Path" and "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth" for over
ten years. 

In particular his concept for The World Game for a world
that works for everyone and his proposition of a globally
inter-connected energy grid fed with every community's
smaller scale power generation facilities feeding back to
the grid enables the equitable distribution of energy
resulting in reward for productive efforts are concepts
worthy of much additional conversation and coherent

George Monbiot is also a beacon of
light for democracy.

Here's a most welcome personal transformation I read about

Chris Cuffe, who earned $32M in profit bonuses alone, as the
CEO of an Australian investment fund called Colonial First
State that was eventually bought out by one of our major
banks the Commonwealth Bank, has announced that he is
walking away from a multi-million dollar contract with a
Packer backed investment company and is joining Opportunity
International Australia!

He said he wants to "swap success to seek relevance".  He
intends to manage not-for-profit deals, $100 micro-loan
schemes and strategies aiming to aid those of the world's
power who are most in need and desiring to achieve personal
self-sufficiency and sustainability.

[To the Micro-Loan Empress who is also reading this, you
could contact Opportunity International Australia to find
out how you too can play a role in this noble cause!]

The Zen of Global Transformation is presently on the coffee
table awaiting the perusal of a good friend and fellow
Greens councillor colleague.  She like everyone else I have
BCC'd on this email also understands personal transformation
well enough to visualize the benefits of social
transformation on a global scale.

My role as a Greens Councillor at Randwick City Council is of benefit in giving me
the initial position of credibility to begin to convene the
necessary community gatherings, "Wisdom Councils",
collaborative consensus forums, or whatever form and label
they will have.

If you have never yet done so, I invite you to read the 2001
Charter of the Global Greens.

While there are elements of Green politics and policies that
won't suit every community or circumstance and I am not
committed to global imposition of one "correct" way of
seeing things, to my mind it represents one of the most
powerfully egalitarian and optimistic charters for the
future of humanity of which I am aware.

At this point I request your guidance in determining the
most easily accessible means of learning and leading dynamic
facilitation events.  I also request your support in
connecting me with other people in Sydney whom you are aware
are already active in pursuing this type of community based
collaborative consensus building.

I have found
which offers several different approaches to forum

I am going to complete this communication by declaring that
I am a masterful servant, which is my label for dynamic
facilitator, and I dedicate my life to being a masterful
servant to humanity.

I make the declaration:  Who I am is a masterful servant.

I now know that I will ultimately dedicate a balanced
portion of the productive efforts of my life to the
provision of dynamic facilitation in the service of whatever
communities and causes invite me to contribute my services
as a masterful servant providing whatever facilitation is
wanted and needed in the search for collaborative consensus
and community based democracy.

I will in good time, as I cause it and as the universe
allows me and calls me to it, continue to undertake
appropriate training to become a masterful servant, using
whatever methodology I discover to be most suitable. 

Richard, a specific recommendation of a methodology for
dynamic facilitation from you will carry great weight with
me.  This applies indeed to everyone to whom I am writing;
whatever input you can each offer as to paths towards
mastery of service in effective community forum facilitation
is gratefully appreciated.

Commencing in my own community, I will begin to introduce
the requisite processes of harmonization to a shared vision
of the future and commit myself to developing and training
other leaders who I believe can take up this process in
other communities also.

Lastly, I have been inspired from your book to add the Cree
Prophecy to my signature below.  I'm a stand for personal
enterprise and each of us harvesting the fruits of personal
productivity, but not at the cost of the beautiful world we
can all create and share as our Eden.

I'll see you there some sunny day!



Entregreeneur : "One who achieves abundance through
practising ethical, ecologically friendly, sustainable
enterprise with integrity and goodwill toward all."

   Only after the last tree has been cut down
   Only after the last river has been poisoned
   Only after the last fish has been caught
   Then you will find that money cannot be eaten.
   -- Cree prophecy --



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