report from rkm


Richard Moore


Most of my time these days is devoted to promoting the book,
building a book website, and setting up some related blogs.
I haven't had much time to deal with current affairs, Iran,
racist cartoons, etc. I'll send out some comments in another
posting today.

Our list archives are now up to date, after some surgery to
the website code. This will encourage me to give more
attention to newslog. Without the archives, that seemed a
bit pointless.

I'm a bit disappointed that people haven't been sending in
comments on the book. Perhaps no one's gotten through it
yet. I must admit my own stack of books-to-read gets little
attention. C'est la vie.

Jackson Davis, who helped edit the book, has come up with a
very interesting initiative. He's a member of a book club,
and they're making a bulk purchase of ETM to discuss it in
their group. This made me realize that a group context is
ideal for the book. The book is about groups and
harmonization: in a group-discussion setting people would
have an opportunity to experiment with process, such as
using the 'talking stick' to focus attention. The real goal
of the book is to spread harmonization, and this could be
one way to do that.

Here is how to make a bulk purchase at a discount: The book
retails at $15.95 (We'd like to make it less, but we're
squeezed by the basic costs and the need for bookstore
discounts). Bookstores get the book at half price,$7.97. You
can go into a bookstore, give them the ISBN number
(0-9770983-0-3), and tell them you'll order 10 (e.g.) copies
if they'll give you a 30% discount ($11.16) or perhaps a 25%
discount ($12.76). At 30%, they'd still make $31.90, and at
25%, $39.90. They would be foolish to refuse such an offer,
and you can try multiple bookstores until you find one
that's sensible.

Here's an encouraging comment from one Amazon "star
         I have started to read it already and didn't even get past
         the first few paragraphs before I was hooked. I'm going to
         read it very carefully, then I will do a review on Amazon;
         but I will also write an article/book review that I can post
         on Axis of Logic and on which will, I hope,
         assist you with sales.
              I'll probably read it right through at least once, perhaps
         twice since it is so full of information, then pick it apart
         a bit for my review. I'll let you know when I've finished,
         but I can certainly tell you already that I will be full of
         praise ... it's very good.

best regards to all,