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Richard Moore

There can be little doubt that a nuclear attack on Iran is
coming soon. Bush said recently that this option would be
necessary if "diplomatic efforts fail". As in Yugoslavia,
and Iraq, the US has deliberately done what is necessary to
guarantee that diplomatic efforts fail, so as to facilitate
an attack. And just as the US fabricated the notion of WMD's
in Iraq, so it fabricates the notion that Iran is pursuing a
weapons program. In both cases, no mention is ever made
about oil, or about selling oil for Euros. The attack on
Iraq came one month after Iraq started selling oil for
Euros. Iran is scheduled to start selling oil for Euros very
soon, I think in March. You do the math.

One of the obstacles to the Iran attack is European public
opinion. Hence the phenomenon of the cartoons. The cartoons
were published in order to provoke a Muslim reaction, which
then could be spun as 'anti free speech'. This is a sick
joke. Note this from the Arab News

         Danish ministers say the government can't condemn the
         cartoons a daily published mocking the Prophet Muhammad
         (peace be upon him), and that freedom of speech is
         guaranteed for all and that freedom of the press is also
         guaranteed by the Danish constitution. This argument would
         have been accepted if the constitution does not state
         otherwise and if the Danish government can say the same
         thing when it comes to making anti-Semitic remarks. The
         Danish constitution says:
             "The law prohibits publicly disseminated statements, which
         threaten, insult, or degrade persons based on their
              And this law was used by the Danish government to condemn
         "anti-Semitic" activities and investigate them, as mentioned
         in the human rights report made by the US Department of
         State regarding Denmark in 2004:
             "From January through June, there were five incidents of
         anti-Semitic vandalism, primarily graffiti, and one incident
         of an anti-Semitic mailing, which the government condemned
         and investigated."

And this from the American Free Press

         The fact that the editors behind the anti-Islamic images
         claim to be exercising free speech while refusing to address
         Europe's strict censorship laws regarding discussion of the
         Holocaust and the ongoing imprisonment of historical
         revisionists reveals the existence of a more sinister agenda
         behind the provocative cartoons.

Standard procedure: before you attack someone, you first
demonize them. In World War I, they told us the Germans were
eating Dutch babies. Before the first Iraq war, they told us
babies were being taken out of their incubators. Lies all,
but they did the trick. Now that Muslims are rioting, in
Afghanistan and elsewhere, they can be portrayed as
fundamentalist zealots with no respect for Western vales of
freedom of expression. Not everyone buys this line, but it
creates a pseudo-climate of "public opinion" that makes
action against Iran "understandable". As part of this "clash
of civilizations" campaign, we also had the phony London
"suicide bombings", and in France we have Arab women
prohibited from wearing their traditional veils.

Increasingly, Europe is being pushed into playing along with
the US agenda. Manipulating Merkel into the German
Chancellor's spot went a long way to accomplishing that.
Similarly the UN is more and more playing a supplementary
role. The US destabilizes the regime, puts in a puppet, and
then the UN comes in to "maintain peace", as we see in
Haiti. All of this without European populations realizing
what's going on. The US advances the front lines, while the
Europeans act as occupiers, under the guise of
peace-keepers. European leaders pretend to be "in tension"
with the US, while they covertly collaborate.

Consider this:
         Subject: US planning for Iran attack: British paper
           LONDON: US military strategists are drawing up plans for an
         attack on Iran as a last resort to stop the republic from
         developing nuclear weapons, a British newspaper in London
             In a dispatch from Washington, it said Central Command and
         Strategic Command planners were "identifying targets,
         assessing weapon-loads and working on logistics for an
             The planners are reporting to the office of Defence
         Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with a view to having a military
         option if diplomatic efforts fail to put the brakes on
         Iran's suspected quest for nuclear weaponry.
            "This is more than just the standard military contingency
         assessment," the paper quoted a senior Pentagon adviser as
         saying. "This has taken on much greater urgency in recent
              Earlier Defence Secretary had said that the military action
         was among the options to settle the Iran nuclear issue.

We know the attack  must be nuclear, because the US can't
afford another land-war quagmire, and because Iran has
formidable defenses, compared to what Iraq had. Despite all
of the anti-Muslim preparations, a nuclear attack will still
be a big pill to swallow, not only in Europe but in the US
as well. Thus I continue to suspect that the attack will be
preceded by a phony terrorist incident, a "second 911". The
cartoons et al create the context of anti-Muslim sentiment
in Europe, and an "incident' plays into that context. The
cartoons are the kindling, and the incident gets the flames
to PR critical mass.

It is important to understand just how important
petrodollars are to the American economy. It's not simply an
advantage to the US that oil is sold in dollars, it is
absolutely critical to the survival of the economy. The US
is having astronomical trade deficits at the same time as it
having astronomical budget deficits. The only thing that
allows this bubble economy to keep going is the fact that
nations must have dollars to buy oil. That demand for
dollars enables the U.S. to simply keep printing dollars, so
to speak, and the world has to accept them as real money.
The fact is that the real "hard currency" these days is oil,
whereas in eras past it was gold. The US has created a
situation where the dollar is pegged to oil, while up until
Nixon is was pegged to gold.

Bush has recently called for a considerable increase in
military spending. With all our deficits, how does he
imagine this increase is going to be paid for? Clearly he is
counting on the petrodollar regime to continue. This can
only happen if Iran is prevented from converting to Euros.
It's elementary dear Watson.




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