ETM report & request for assistance…


Richard Moore


There's good news and bad news. First the good news.

I've managed to find several people to review the book, and
the responses have generally been very favorable, bordering
in some cases on the wildly enthusiastic. :-) These are people
whose opinion I respect and who claimed to be giving honest
reviews, not trying to please.

 From this I conclude that the book itself shows promise: if
it 'gets out there' it is likely to find an audience. Not necessarily
a huge audience, but a reasonable one.

The bad news is that the book isn't 'getting out there' yet.
It's available on Amazon, but no one knows about it. The
only sales so far have been to people I've been able to
reach on the net - basically those of you who are reading
this message. Given that level of exposure, I'm pleased with
the number that have been sold - you folks have been very
supportive.  But it's a small number in absolute terms, and
that initial spurt of sales seems to have leveled off.

The reviews that are in the works may result in some good
exposure, at least that's the plan. Two of these are
associated with radio stations, who said they will want to
do interviews. Other reviews are supposed to go out in
print, or on popular net venues.

In the meantime, we'd like to get the book into some
bookstores. The problem is that bookstores like to order
from their regular suppliers (e.g. Ingram), and they like to
be able to return books for a refund if they don't sell. Our
printer, Booksurge, isn't a 'standard supplier', and doesn't
give refunds. So we've come up with a scheme that might get
us into some bookstores. This is where you can help out if
you'd like.

We're willing to send a few copies, say five, to any
bookstore that is willing to participate. They get the books
for free. What we ask in return - only if the books sell -
is that the bookstore order some more copies from Booksurge.
This proposal may or may not interest bookstores, but it
seems worth a try.

In order to implement this scheme, we would need volunteers
to approach their favorite local independent bookstores. I
assume they'd want to see a copy of the book, and some
reviews, in order to consider the proposal. If you're
interested in helping out, let me know and we can discuss it

By the way, the website ( now
contains a page called "The red pill". This page gives a
chapter-by-chapter summary of the book. Highlighted in each
description is a 'red pill' sentence: the key message of the
chapter, an idea that contradicts normal consensus reality.

best regards to all,