911 Anniversary Interview w/rkm


Richard Moore

This should be an interesting discussion. We'll certainly talk some 
about 911, the London bombing, and other false-flag incidents, but 
most of the time we'll be exploring the ideas in the book. I'm not 
sure if I'm the only guest, for three whole hours, but I'll let you 
know. In any case, there'll be time to discuss things in some depth.



Mon, 11 September - special 911 anniversary broadcast
11 pm - 2 am Central Time
Interviewer: Mike Hagan, "RadiOrbit"
Guest: Richard Moore, author of "Escaping the Matrix"
KOPN 89.5 FM Radio
Columbia, Missouri, Community Radio
Listen on the web: http://cwr.redeyedragon.com/  - Select "Channel 2"


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