Update: 911 Escaping the Matrix radio interview – please forward


Richard Moore


The URL for listening has changed, see below.

The show will feature Mike and myself for the entire 3 hours.
(There will be brief breaks)

We've worked out a plan so that we can cover all the main ideas in 
the book, a radio first!
And of course we'll chat a bit about 911 and phony terrorism.


Mon, 11 September - special 911 anniversary broadcast
11 pm - 2 am Central Time
Interviewer: Mike Hagan, "RadiOrbit"
Guest: Richard Moore, author of "Escaping the Matrix"
KOPN 89.5 FM Radio
Columbia, Missouri, Community Radio
Listen on the web:  <>
  (back-ups: <http://cwr.redeyedragon.com/> - Select "Channel 2"
    <http://www.cosmicwavesradio.com/>- Select "Channel 2")

Mike Hagan's own site: <http://www.mikehagan.com>