good news from Geneva…


Richard Moore

Dear renaissance-network,

I wanted to share this exchange with you, as it opens up all kinds of
contact opportunities in Geneva.  Please write to me if you have any ideas
about what to say to these people, and send any information you may have on
hand regarding the WTO, which I am presumed to be an expert on, but whose
detailed structure I know little about.  I've received a few WTO pieces,
and I'll get by, but a few more facts would enhance my credibility.

in collaboration,

Date: Fri, 08 May 1998
From: mary <•••@••.•••>
Organization: world alliance of ymcas
To: "Richard K. Moore" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: re: next week in Geneva...

Richard K. Moore wrote:
    > Dear Mary,
    > I've been invited by WILPF (Womens International League
    > for Peace and Freedom) to speak next Tuesday (12th) on
    > the WTO at an NGO Seminar hosted by the NGO Committee on
    > Development.  I'll also be speaking Saturday (16th) at a
    > meeting arranged by the International Coalition for
    > Development Action (ICDA) and the World Wide Fund for
    > Nature (WWF).  The topic of this meeting will be
    > "Lessons learnt + Strategy Development Session on the
    > MAI"
    > I was directed by WILPF to ask you about additional
    > meetings and connections that I might be able to follow
    > up while in Geneva.  I'll be there from Sunday to Sunday.
    > I represent an intiative called Cadre (Citizens for a
    > Democratic Renaissance) which is dedicated to overcoming
    > elite corporate hegemony and helping to usher in an era
    > of _democratic _renaissance on a global scale. We are
    > organizing a coalition of activists groups and NGOs
    > worldwide in purusuit of this objective.  The coalition
    > is _not to be an organization per se, but rather a
    > `community umbrella', a network, that can facilitate
    > strategy discussions among diverse groups and gradually
    > lead toward greater movement synergy and collaborative
    > effectiveness.
    > Hoping to hear from you,
    > Richard K. Moore
    > •••@••.•••
    >                   "Seeking an Effective Democratic
    >                       Response to Globalization

Dear Richard:

Hello!! It's great to hear from you. I am also one of the speaker for the
12 of May so we are going to have the chance to meet. I was looking for
some information for you and talking with some people. There are some
organizations that you contact in Geneva in order to exchange information
or to find information about what is happening. One of them is the South
Center: Champ D'Anier 17, 1218 Grand-Saconnex, Tel. 798 3433 Fax. 798
8531. Then you have the Institut Universitaire d'Etudes sur le
Développement (IUED) Rue Roshschild 24, Case Postale 1211 Geneve 21 Tel.
906 5940 Fax 906 5947, also the United Nations Center of Human Rights
(you can talk with Tamara, tell her that Ranjan gave to you her name),
The World Council of Churches (there you can contact the Churches
Comission for Particiaption and Development - CCPD - or the Urban Rural
Mission - URM). Finally, I was in a Conference last February with the
People Global Action Against Free Trade. They have a very interesting web
site in internet where they describe all the events that are going to be
happening in Geneva in order to the Interministerial meeting of the WTO
in Geneva (18/5)

I hope this information could be helpful for you. To tell you the truth,I
have been in Geneva for 4 months so I don't know much people here. Ranjan
Solomon, an executive staff of the World Alliance, helped me to find all
this information.

Looking forward to meet you,

Mary Antelo