Re: PGA Bulletin 1 March 97 / 1. Letter from the Geneva Wel


Dahanu Taluka Environment Welfare Association

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your messages.  I am just a housewife who has been 
battling away here in dahanu to protect all that I loved most-the 
peace and quiet, harmony, the simple life, contentment and the 
tribals BUT most of all our independence and freedom from being 
slaves to LIFE ITSELF.

I am so excited - it is crazy but you all have articulated all that I 
have envisioned all of these 13 years that we have struggled to save 
Dahanu - from the clutches of big corporations such as the Bombay 
Suburban Electricity Supply and now the P&O Ports - Australia, which 
is determined to set up its illegal 2.7 billion all weather port in 
what has been designated since 20 june 1991 as an 'ecologically 
fragile area'.  You need to contact my daughter Shabnam Merchant who 
in the US is the International Liasion Officer for our organization 
the DTEWA (Dahanu Taluka Environmental Welfare Association) and for 
PAIL (People's Alliance for the Implementation of Law of which we are 
a member).

I have always maintained that like the corporate world - it is time 
the Greens united and that every won by the Greens, no matter where 
and no matter how small is a gigantic victory for all, who care.  I 
am very busy these days not only fighting our common enemy here in 
Dahanu, but creating the right ambience for the right sort of 
investments by anyone who is interested in joining hands with all of 
us including the tribals to continue sustainable development - as 
Dahanu is a perfect prototype for this sort of development.

We shall however work with you all - in any way, whichever way we can 
and I shall now end this note by saying - I LOVE YOU ALL.

Nergis Boman Irani