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Jan Slakov

Dear rn list,   June 5

David Thiessen wrote with some generous encouragement and more information
on these "air shows" (= WAR SHOWS). I hadn't realized that Canada hosts one
which is so big it is considered a "North American" show. The truth is, of
course, that Canada's military production and decisions are intertwined
inextricably with US militarism.

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Subject: Airshow Canada 1997


Thanks for the great list.  It is a major part of my daily routine.

Just thought I would forward your way two addresses where you
can download two or three of my articles on Airshow Canada,
North America's single largest aerospace (civil and military) tradeshow.

For several years Airshow Canada (now often referred to as Aerospace North
America) struggled to compete with the show in Dayton for continental
bragging rights.  In 1997, however, the US officially sanctioned the
Canadian show in Abbotsford as "the" N.A. show.

I have one rather lengthy article (2,-2,500 word) on the history of the
tradeshow.  You can find this article at:

I have another more recent (1997 -- the show runs every two years, the next
one in 1999) that attempts to put this massive tradeshow in an international
context.  This can be found at

----------------------I was also involved last year in a producing a video
on the show.  You can see live clips of the video at:

Please feel free to download and run the articles, as is or edited according
to your needs.  This show is very large -- a gathering palace for the worlds
top military buyers and sellers -- and of great concern, yet it is not
receiving nearly the critical attention it deserves.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions.
Thanks again for all your efforts.
David Thiessen


One concern I have with this rn list is that lately so much of the
information has been focussed on Canada and the US. I do hope we can be
relevant to other geographical areas. With this in mind, I would like to
suggest the following web sites (which I must confess to not having visited
yet myself. But I feel I know the type of information they provide well
enough (because of other communication) to be able to recommend them:

The Transnational Foundation is working to find ways to make peace and
justice realities in areas such as the former Yugoslavia, areas which most
news stories suggest are beyond hope:

Here are some things you can find at their site:

* David Krieger on India's and Pakistan's nuclear policies.
* PressInfo about forgiveness and reconciliation policies.
* Jonathan Power on the Peru-Ecuador Peace Agreement.
* Jan Oberg and Bjorn Moeller discuss what peace research should be about.
* TFF report on teaching reconciliation with Croat and Serb gymnasium
students in Eastern Slavonia, Croatia
Do you want to check news and analyses from BBC, OneWorld, CNN,
International Herald Tribune and news agencies in the Middle East, Africa,
Asia including Japan?
Do you want alternative comments to some of them?
Go to our site map - it's all there, at your fingertips
Welcome to !
Dr. Jan Oberg
Director, head of the TFF Conflict-Mitigation team to the Balkans and Georgia


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Maria Näslund, webmaster

Someone I know of from way back, because of his involvement with Civilian
Defence, Hans Sinn, has now shifted his work towards Civilian Peace Service.

Hans wrote:

 I think I should point out that my emphasis for the past eight years has
shifted from Civilian based Defence (or Social Defence)toward the creation
of a Civilian Peace Service (CPS). Although the people behind these
initiatives are largely the same, the focus of a CPS is on unarmed
peacemaking and peacekeeping (foreshadowed by today's Peace Teams) rather
than on nonviolent civilian defence.

By the sound of it the difference between Civilian Defence and a Civilian
Peace Service may not be all that great. But for purposes of a potential
constructive, future, dialogue, the difference between the two (not
unrelated) indicative, appears to be critical.

With best wishes

Hans Sinn
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