mistakes galore!


Jan Slakov

Dear rn list,      

As some of you sharp-eyed readers may have noticed, we've made a few
mistakes recently. I was sure I had copied out the author of this quote, but
I hadn't after all:

"Don't ever apologize for crying for the trees burning in the Amazon  
or over the waters polluted from mines in the Rockies.    Don't
apologize for the sorrow, grief and rage you feel...   It is a measure
of your open heart,  and as your heart breaks open,   there will be
room for the world to heal."

                             Joanna Rogers Macy

Janet Eaton wrote: Joanna Macy is a very informed prof and Buddhist who has
seen and written on the parallels between general systems theory and
Buddhism's mutual causality.  I admire her intellect and wholeness. 

And Richard somehow figured I had sent off my letter on the war show to a
place called "Southam" when he read this:

"Here's my letter, sent to the _Ottawa Citizen_. The letter is almost
guaranteed not to be printed. For one thing, it ends with a call for not
allowing corporate concentration in the media. Well, as many of you will
know, the _Citizen_ is a Southam paper and Southam is owned by the notorious
Conrad Black..."


Correcting these mistakes gives me an opportunity to share with you a quote
on mistakes I quite like:

From the beginning of a chapter entitled _Thriving in a "User-Friendly"
Universe in Barry Neil Kaufman's _Happiness is a Choice.

As we gaze into the universe deep inside of us, and into the universe which
surrounds us, we search for an answer to the question - is it friendly?
                                                        - BNK

Teaching everything in terms of circles or wheels is a Native American
spiritual tradition. The "mistakes wheel" is a new perspective on the
medicine wheel, which is part of the Sweet Medicine path, and shares keys to
self-acceptance and acceptance of the universe. The five sections of the
disk hold five messages about mistakes.

        In the north part of the wheel, the message reads: "Learning from
our own mistakes". In the west part, it's "Learning from the mistakes of
others". in the east portion, it says: "Learning from the mistakes of our
teachers", and, in the south segment, it's "Being willing to make as many
mistakes as it takes."

        Finally, in the centre of this medicine wheel, a position which
represents the essence of learning, the following is written: "Learning that
there is no such thing as a mistake".

All the best, Jan

Creo que el mundo es bello, 
que la poesía es como el pan, 
de todos. 

(I believe the world is beautiful
and that poetry, like bread, is for everyone)

Roque Dalton

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