Conference – Philippines, Nov 8-11 98 – “International Conference on Alternatives to Globalization”


Richard Moore

Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998
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Subject: Conference on Globalization

First Announcement

                        IBON Foundation Inc.


                   BAYAN (New Patriotic Alliance)

                            invite you to the

        International Conference on Alternatives to Globalization
        November 8-11, 1998
        Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP)
        Tagaytay City, Philippines


As the global economic crisis intensifies,  there has been an increasing
interest on the question of alternatives to globalization. Indeed, after the
various meetings and conferences initiated by multilateral organizations and
the popular response to them in the form of critique, advocacy and lobbying,
the people the world over are now seriously asking for discussion on
alternative strategies and paradigms to neo-liberal globalization.

We need to develop the critique of the monster that neo-liberal
globalization has become. The dearth of discussion on alternative paradigms
and strategies to globalization can itself be a subject of substantial
discussion. The fact remains that the political and ideological triumph of
the market as exemplified in the collapse of the statist economies of
Eastern Europe has been maximized to the hilt to crush all sorts of
political and ideological opposition to capitalism.

Many active centers, networks and individuals in social movements around the
world are ready to come together in order to discuss and come up with a
better understanding of the global situation made more urgent by the
financial crises. Consensus has emerged to explore and develop alternative
strategies and paradigms on the basis of the rich experience in national
movements and international campaigns.


The conference aims to:

1) Provide a forum for developing the critique of global economic crisis and

2) Exchange experiences and views and explore alternatives strategies and
paradigms in confronting globalization.

3) Develop linkages for greater cooperation and exchange among various
organizations, networks and individuals in developing their understanding of
and in confronting globalization.


The conference will be attended by participants distributed internationally
who have achieved a substantial level of work in confronting globalization.
It expects to gather around 200 participants (150 foreign and 50 local).
Several networks have already committed to participate and support the
organization of the conference.


        Marthin Khor
        Vandana Shiva
        Samir Amin
        Tony Clarke
        Maude Barlow
        Noam Chomsky
        James Petras
        Michel Chossudovsky
        Yash Tandon


The conference will cover three main areas:

1 Critique of globalization and current international trends and issues.

This will include inputs from key individuals in order to present a
comprehensive political economic critique of globalization and its various
facets and trends.

2 Alternative strategies in confronting globalization.

This is one day of inputs and workshops that will delve into strategies from
various perspectives and approaches: conceptual, sectoral and issues.

3 Alternative paradigms to globalization.

This will be one day of inputs and workshops to discuss alternative visions
for the world based on the critique of globalization.


The conference will be held on November 8-11.  This date is selected  to
maximize time and  travelling costs for participants who may want to proceed
to Kuala Lumpur for the APEC parallel activities which will be held from
November 10-15, 1998

The registration fee is pegged at US$ 200.  This will cover food,
accommodation, conference kit and socials.  Due to limited slots,
reservation will be on a first come first served basis.

For REGISTRATION and further INFORMATION, please contact:

The Conference Secretariat
International Conference on Alternatives to Globalization
Attn: Mr. Gilbert Sape
IBON Foundation Inc.
3/F SCC Bldg. 4427 Int. Old Sta. Mesa
Manila, Philippines

Phone:  (63-2) 713-2737 or 713-2729
Fax:    (63-2) 716-0108
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