rn: following up on WHY


Jan Slakov

Dear RN list, 

Back on May 13 I wrote this kind of a cry of outrage and bewilderment vis à
vis this Yugoslavia war.

That cry has been answered in many different ways; obviously Richard's
recent postings have been particularly useful.

Richard's message, that this war is part of an imperialist "death-end" greed
grab; I knew it before.  But the recent postings from Richard and others are
making that much clearer for me, for others too no doubt.

So, we are left with the perennial question of what to do in the face of
this evil and our complicity with it.

Exactly how the answer to this question will take form (in my own life and
in my community, of which I consider many of you to be a part) is still
being worked out.

In the meantime, I want to send you three messages to follow up on the WHY

One is composed of two messages: a Znet commentary about the paradigm shift
we are asking people to make in coming to see the war as many of us have
come to see it and notice of a concerted prayer for peace effort for 4pm
Greenwich Mean Time (that's 9am in Los Angeles, noon in New York, 6pm in
Paris) for Monday, May 24. Part of my own paradigm shift has been to become
convinced that prayer can really make a difference... 

Another is even more damning evidence of the dishonesty and violence of "our
side" (following up on the Chinese embassy bombing).

And last but now least, the third in a series of compilations of the
ecological and health effects of the bombing put together by Janet Eaton.  I
spoke with Janet the other day, spoke to her of my frustration about the way
bombings only seem to intensify, along with the incredible indifference and
psychic numbing evidenced by people around me... How this frustration could
so easily slip into giving up in a certain way; of my worry that putting so
much effort into e-mail might just be a drain of energies that could be more
usefully spent some other way. Just talking with Janet was encouraging,
because I realize she is managing to get the information about the real
consequences of this war to institutions (like the Gorbatchev institution,
Green Cross I think it is) and media all over the world. 

In doing our work, there is always the danger that our efforts will look
totally useless because we are really only able to see SOME of the picture
of what all our efforts amount to. The thing is, our individual efforts are
pretty useless, but now and then we get to see that they are part of
something much bigger that is "our baby" too and that needs our care and
nurturing, just as any baby does. 

Best wishes to us all, Jan