an activist comments on our list…

1998-06-11 Richard Moore 6/10/98, a subscriber wrote to me privately: Renaissance-list is working, but I’m rather diffident about being on it, since I’m not a deep thinker–I’m too easily persuaded by eloquent people like you to claim any depth for my current world-view! BUT I am an activist… <snip- identifying remarks> AND I do know … Read more

Dialog with Mark Whitaker

1998-06-08 Richard Moore ———————————————————————— Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 To: •••@••.••• From: Mark Douglas Whitaker <•••@••.•••> —<snip>— rkm had written to Mark: > In my own analysis of `revolutionary potential’ to overthrow > elite hegemony, I identify _factionalism as being perhaps the > single most difficult obstacle to overcome in order to achieve > `revolutionary … Read more

Re: revolutionary strategy, cars & coaltions

1998-06-06 Richard Moore Originally To: Bill Ellis <•••@••.•••> Cc: •••@••.•••, •••@••.•••, •••@••.••• ———————————————————————— 6/3/98, Don Chisholm wrote to gaiapc and others: >>Tony Judge – >>An interesting thought experiment: suppose we had a range of >>groups each with skills analogous to different systems of an automobile: the >>engine group, the wheel group, the braking group, the … Read more

MLK & Civilian Peace URLs, source for quote on mistakes

1998-06-06 Jan Slakov you can see the MLK archives (at Stanford U.) at this web site: ——————————————————————- Hi Jan, Thanks for including my message about my shift of interest from Civilian based Defence to a Civilian Peace Service…. The correct address [for my Civilian Peace Service home page] is: Kind regards —————————————————————————- From: … Read more

MLK (was Re: nonv discussion)

1998-06-05 Matt Forsythe Could the person who mentioned the web-site with an archive of King’s writings and speeches please post the URL? It sounds incredibly interesting. Also, I question the statement that King was often unorganized. We know that involvement and initiation into his nv protests was a rigorous process (eg. sample application form in … Read more