dialog w/Greg Moses re: revolution analysis

1998-05-29 Richard Moore Note: our list server was malfunctioning yesterday… if you got a reject message, of if you’re in doubt, please re-send any messages to the list. rkm ———————————————————————— From: Greg Moses <•••@••.•••> Reply-To: •••@••.••• MIME-Version: 1.0 To: “•••@••.•••” <•••@••.•••> Subject: scary theory Richard–I want to note two sentences from your reply to my … Read more

re: “divide & conquer”; revolutionary strategy

1998-05-27 Richard Moore ———————————————————————— Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 From: Greg Moses <•••@••.•••> To: •••@••.••• Subject: Re: On: “divide & conquer” > According to Caspar Davis, Gitlin’s thesis is that the > common dream of a just and equitable society was > abandoned about 1970 in favor of the pursuit by various > groups such … Read more

Catch-up on folks’ comments to the list…

1998-05-26 Richard Moore ———————————————————————— From: “Jim Porter” <•••@••.•••> Organization: University of Windsor To: •••@••.••• (Richard K. Moore) Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 Subject: Re: Geneva Report: rkm presentation to NGO meeting Richard: Thanks so much for your thorough review of the history of the struggle between capitalism and democracy. I disagree on only one point … Read more

On: “divide & conquer”

1998-05-24 Jan Slakov Greetings rn-list, May 23 One of the aims of this list, as I (Jan) understand it, is to help build unity amongst the diverse people and groups which are fighting corporate globalization and its effects. *************************************************************************** Todd Gitlin recently spoke on the (on the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC)’s) _Ideas radio program. He … Read more


1998-05-24 Olivier Hoedeman Dear Richard K. Moore, just to avoid further confusion, I am actually not the Olivier you met in Geneva last week, I was back here in Amsterdam. The Olivier you mention in your reports from the PGA actions is a great local organiser from a group called Neoliberation; I met him in … Read more

about PGA and their materials…

1998-05-23 Richard Moore Dear rn folks, I’ve had several requests to publish the PGA manifesto, and so I published today their introductory letter and the manifesto in two parts. I left out their “Plans of Action” as that simply enumerates their recent events in Geneva and elswhere that you’ve probably already seen: it is not, … Read more

PGA Bulletin 1 March 97 / 2. Peoples’ Global Action Manifesto (1/2)

1998-05-23 Richard Moore PGA Bulletin Number 1, March 1997 —————————————————————————- Table of contents: 1. Letter from the Geneva Welcoming Committee 2. Peoples’ Global Action Manifesto 3. Plans of action —————————————————————————- [2]. Peoples’ Global Action Manifesto (1/2) PEOPLES’ GLOBAL ACTION MANIFESTO (Working draft – deadline for submission of comments and amendments: 30 April 1998. Mail your … Read more